5 Signs You're an Aries Babe

     Time to shine, Aries babes! Are you as excited about your upcoming birthday as we are? It always gets us giddy when we check out what our Zodiac star signs have for us for the coming month. Whether you’re an Aries yourself or you’re close to one (besties born March 20 to April 19), it’s the perfect time to get to know this Zodiac sign!

Known for being bold, fast, and independent, you Aries babes love tackling problems by head-butting straight into them. With your symbol being the ram, is it really any wonder why? But apart from your strong personalities, here’s what makes Aries girls truly unique!

1. You’re a Natural Leader

Aries is a fire sign, which makes them very headstrong, independent, and charismatic. Because of this, Aries are often natural-born leaders. They’re very ambitious and like having their way. If there’s something they want, they’lll stop at nothing to get it. #girlboss No wonder Leighton Meester played the legendary Queen B so well, she’s an Aries!

Leighton Meester channels her inner Aries as Queen B

2. You’re the Life of the Party

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is usually the sign that welcomes spring back into our lives. So it comes naturally to many Aries babes to be the life of any party. You’re magnetic and fond of being the star of every party, and babe, you absolutely shine! People just can’t get enough of your magnetic personality and charming ways.

@nessa_tedesco showing some big Aries energy

3. You’re Very Competitive (Even with Yourself)

Headstrong Aries girls are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and win. Whether it’s in competitions, sports, or even just getting that dream bod, you like challenging yourself and pushing yourself to your limits. For you, good is never good enough - you always strive for the best. Wanna know a true Aries legend? There’s Queen Mariah showing everyone how it’s done!

@mariahcarey showing ya’ll there is no competition

4. You Live to Overcome Your Fears

Because of your competitive and bold nature, an Aries baby is determined to face challenges head-on without even thinking twice! But just because you’re brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared - it just means that you are willing to face all of your fears. Courage is in your blood!

@linzkaminz about to beat those fears!

5. You’re Spontaneous

@sammy_nicolee ready for that road trip

There’s never a dull moment with you Aries babes! Instead of boring Netflix days cooped up at home, you’re all about hiking mountains with the best views, heading on go-kart dates, and gathering the crew for an impromptu road trip to the beach (that’s why you always have your favorite ‘kini stashed in the trunk of your car just in case!)! It isn’t unlike you to suggest ziplining, bungee jumping or skydiving on your next trip, either. The more extreme, the better for you!

@alicederen showing how to slay in the Mimi Top

While we did mention in our previous Zodiac blog that the Riri Set in Flame would be the perfect bikini set for you Aries babes, here’s a new set that would be amazing for you as well! The Mimi Top is perfect for girls who love everything new and different, and the Stassy Bottoms are spot on because standing out comes second nature to you. Red is always perfect for this fire sign, and this bright color just always puts you on center stage! Show yourself some love with a new swimsuit on your birthday month!

Which trait sounds most like you? 

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