5 Summer Outfits for the
Beach and Beyond

          This summer is all about looking good both in and out of the water. Whether you choose to spend your summer days in the water or lounging with a drink in hand, one thing is certain - you’ve got to look H-O-T!

And outfits aren’t only about what suits you’re wearing. These days, we’re seeing chicer looks that compliment the bikini perfectly and are 100% Instagram-worthy. Here are our favorite looks for the summer - they’ll go so well with your Blackbough bikinis!

1. Poolside Babe : Bikini Top + Denim Shorts

It can’t get any simpler than this! Cover up your favorite bikini with a pair of tried and tested denim shorts. Throw on a stylish hat and you’ve got yourself a 10!

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2. Overall Cutie : Bikini Set + Overalls + Headband + Bracelet

A pair of cute overalls are a great way to cover up and stay cool while still showing off that amazing bikini! Complete your 90’s look with a matching scrunchie and you’re good to go. Don’t be afraid to accessorize - more means cuter in this case! It’s the perfect time to throw on that fuzzy hair band and tie bracelet.

3. Get Blued : Bright Pullover Top + Faded Jeans + Necklace

Now, who says you can’t wear jeans with a bikini top? This look just screams effortless chic for your days outside with your friends sipping some iced lattes. Don’t forget to throw on some accessories like this necklace to easily elevate your entire look! These small details go a long way!

4. Tie Me Up : Printed Tee + High Rise Bottoms

Throwing on a tee after swimming is nothing new. Upgrade that boring look by expertly tying a knot in the front to keep your shirt in place. Different knot placements can create different looks so experiment to see which suits you best!

5. Sporty Chic : Bikini Set + Trusty Sneakers

Sometimes, all you need to complete your `fit is a pair of sneakers! Show off your confidence and pair your bikini with your favorite kicks - perfect when you strut your stuff on the boardwalk. Like they always say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” (and babe, we’re telling you - you’ve got it!)

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