Bikini Confessionals:
Amber Veras

     We’re starting this new series here on our blog to give close-ups on our swimsuit loving babes! First off - we’re featuring our OG customer who’s been a loyal Blackbough babe since early 2018. We couldn't think of anyone else to start this series with other than this self-proclaimed swimsuit-obsessed gal (same). Let’s hear how babe Amber Veras has been loving her suits, feeding her obsession with new swim and everything in between!

Age: 22
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Student

How many Blackbough pieces do you own? 25 bikinis! And 2 scrunchie sets!

What’s your favorite memory with your Blackbough swimsuits? When I went to Switzerland and wore my Sour Tape Cleo Set on Lake Zurich!

Amber slaying our new sustainable Ribbed collection

What’s your favorite Blackbough piece? Oh man.. this is hard. I just got the Rosie set in Blush Ribbed and I am OBSESSED. It’s so soft and cute. I also love the Neon Zebra print!

What was your first Blackbough swimsuit? This is hard. I had a house fire in 2019 on New Years Day. So I lost all the ones I used to have. BUT I am pretty sure it was a Daisy Daze set and a Candy Cane set!

Any swimsuits that have a sentimental value? Probably my Snow Leopard set or Blue Polka! Those were the first two I got after my fire and losing all of my swimsuits.

Can never have too many BB suits

What makes you want to buy more swimsuits? Blackbough has the best designs. I think swimsuits are awesome because they’re all so different and unique.

Do you consider quality swimsuits as investments? Absolutely!!! They are awesome and last me years!

What do you look for in a perfect swimsuit? Comfort, design, color.

Have you ever purchased from a cheap swimwear store and regretted it? Yes!!! I got suits from Z**** a few years back and they were so uncomfortable.

Matching with whom she hid her bikini purchases from!

Do you hide your swimsuit purchases from people you have in the house? I used to actually send my bikinis to my friend’s so my mom didn’t know I was buying more. But she accepts my addiction now.

Have you done anything crazy to buy more swimsuits? Oh god yes. I have, on many occasions, asked for it as my birthday gift, Christmas gift. I have literally budgeted for new suits haha.

Do you ever think that swimsuits are an addiction? 100%, at least for me.

Amber staying updated with our new Paige Set in Black Flint

What other things do you like splurging or indulging on? I love traveling! I am constantly trying to plan a vacation!

How have you been spending quarantine? I have been doing a lot of self-care. Working on myself. Lots of reading and hiking. Luckily the weather is getting warmer, so I can finally put my swimsuits to use!!

Any advice for other girls who are looking to purchase their first Blackbough swimsuit? I would say to read reviews, although sizing is pretty straightforward and also look through Blackbough’s tagged page! I always look at different suits and see them on girls who have similar looks to me so I can try to envision it on!

That’s it for our first Bikini Confessionals! Let us know in the comments below if there’s anything else you’d like to ask Amber! Know any other Blackbough addicts? Share this post and maybe they can totally relate, ‘cause we know we can!

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