Blackbough Goes Green

     There’s no doubt about it - plastic has made our lives extremely convenient. We definitely use it everywhere and it has become part of our daily life. Since then, the global plastic production has boomed, with 1.5 million metric tons of plastic created in 1950 to 438 BILLION metric tons in 2017 alone. Because of this, it has also brought about a huge amount of global waste, with 50% of plastic products being single-use products. Sadly, a lot of these plastic products find their way into our oceans and landfill.

It’s not just the animals or mother earth that we’re putting in danger with our waste - as humans, we are affected too! This all contributes to global warming, apart from the seafood that we eat that may have been exposed to the waste we dispose of. It’s heartbreaking and alarming to find out that 1 in every 3 marine mammals was discovered trapped in some form of marine litter, and over 90% of seabirds have some kind of plastic in their stomachs. It’s high time we take concrete actions towards being more green and sustainable, so here’s what we’ve done so far!

Regenerated Waste Fabric

Now you can look super cute while saving the environment thanks to our new suits made from 80% Regenerated Fabric! It’s an alternative to nylon (a common material used in swimwear) which is made from waste products. Typically, producing nylon has serious environmental impacts, but the various manufacturers have since found ways to repurpose waste. Guess one man’s trash can be another woman’s bikini! These suits are still the same buttery soft swimsuits you love, you won’t even know the fabric is different! As a sustainable product, there’s simply no other reason why you shouldn’t get a new `kini for yourself! We totally stan an eco-friendly babe. 

Compostable Mailer Bags

The average “working life” of a plastic bag is 15 minutes. That means, on average, a plastic bag will be used for only 15 minutes before it gets thrown away and finds its way to a landfill or ocean. What’s worse is that it will take thousands of years before that one plastic bag decomposes, so it will just keep piling up. To cut down our contribution to global waste consumption, we’ve decided to switch to cornstarch mailer bags! Cornstarch plastic is 100% biodegradable, and can fully decompose in 10-45 days in your home compost pit!

Reusable Swimsuit Packaging

While we are trying, not all the elements of our packaging can be compostable just yet. We thought that the next best step could be making them reusable at the very least! While we are still working on production, in a few weeks the packaging for your swimsuits will come in a resealable clear bag! You can use it to put in your essentials and place in your bag before you head out. Aren’t they cute?

Our Own Small Ways

We’re still looking for more ways on how we can be a more eco-friendly brand and save the oceans and beaches our tropical souls love so much. Individually, we can also take steps towards greener habits! While there are people who have completely turned away from plastic, that might be a change too drastic that may not be sustainable for most. Here are some small steps we can all easily adopt!

Reusable Straw

We’ve all heard this one before, but who among you actually have or remember to bring and use your reusable straw? Plastic straws are one of the most common pollutants of the environment, and they’re hardly ever reused! So if you can’t ditch the straw altogether, make sure you have a reusable one!

Use a Tumbler

Ditch the disposable cups! Not only are tumblers super cute, but they’re extremely convenient too. Bring it everywhere you go and make sure you stay hydrated this summer!

Eco-Friendly Bags

Don’t go to the grocery without one! We know - we do definitely own them, but we keep forgetting to bring them on our grocery runs! Here’s a tip: include it in your grocery list so that you don’t forget! You can also leave some in your car to make sure you still have them on your spontaneous errands.

Let’s choose the environment over convenience consistently in our everyday habits and choices. Share this blog and let your eco friendly babe know that new eco-friendly swimsuits are waiting for her!

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