Design Diaries: the Chloe

Don’t you just love it when clothing trends work their way into bikini bathing suit trends? We certainly do! This new style that’s been popping up on everyone’s feed lately incorporates a design we’ve been featuring a lot on Blackbough: straps!

Think thin straps that go around your belly to highlight your sexy waist and add a pop of interest to your ‘fit. Maximalist design trends are here to stay, and we’re starting with the straps. We just love how the Chloe’s strappy design feature is a great way to transition into the hot days out and can be styled in so many different ways!

The Chloe Top Details

Stay totally on-trend with all of the Chloe Top’s features that’s been causing massive adds to cart. Here’s the detailed run-down that will leave your friends jealous.

Halter Strap

You know we can’t get enough of the halter strap at Blackbough! This super flattering and versatile style looks great on all body types and can easily be customized according to your body. You can wear it simply around your nape and instantly elongate your neckline, or wear it criss-cross for a sexier look that flatters your chest even more.

Triangle Top

Plunge into the pool in a plunge-style bikini top! Coupled with a long neck thanks to the halter strap, the Chloe is your girl for days you want endless cleavage and a more bare chest look. Triangle bikinis can be as risque as you want them to be, but don’t worry - this adjustable bikini top can give you more coverage when you need it to, in case your grandma passes by! 


Our absolute fave detail about the Chloe and what makes it stand out - the endless straps! These thin straps can be tied in a million different ways around your waist, highlighting the areas you want to draw attention to. It’s a sexy, sultry detail that looks good peeking out of a crop top or a sheer polo! If you’re looking to show the squad that you’re the one who’s on trend here, rock those long straps that go on for days!

The Chloe Bottom Details

Of course, we wouldn’t dare leave you hanging! The Chloe Bottoms were designed with the same details that make its matching top special, for a full look that’s a 10/10. 


The Chloe Bottoms come with extra-long side ties to match its sexy, strappy top. This detail isn’t just for aesthetics though - they also make it the perfect adjustable bikini bottom to flatter your shape and curves! No matter how thicc you may be, you’re sure to still have some of those extra-long ties dangling at your side for that iconic strappy look.


It’s the super long side ties that gives you legs for days! Say goodbye to sizing up to get a high waist bikini bottom look - just place the knot where you want it and tighten as you please. The Chloe is really one of those bottoms with the perfect elements you can’t get enough of simply because they make your legs look longer. Oh, and don’t forget to point your toes for the camera so you look even taller - then just sit back and watch as the likes start pouring in from there!

Cheeky Fit

The Chloe Bottoms are one of our cheeky swimsuit bottoms. The barely-there coverage is amazing for days when you want to get the perfect tan… or show off those buns! Excess straps are a yes, but excess fabric? Never ever! 


Both the Chloe Top and Bottom come with gold ring details for a pop of unexpected bling. Cheekily set in strategic places, these small details make your ‘kini even sexier and show more of your strong character. Rejoice, Scorpios and Leos - in case you needed another oomph element, this is the one. 

Ways to Wear it

We just love how the Chloe lets you show off your unique style and personality with the way you style it and tie it! Here are some of our favorite ways to wear it:


For a fuss-free look that’s perfect for those chill pool days at home, just tie the strings like you would a normal ‘kini. Done in 5 seconds flat.


Level up the style game with this criss-cross number. This style looks bomb on its own or with a kimono thrown over it. We love the way the sexy straps draw attention to the waist and make it look smaller and narrower. Definitely a winning look! 

Halter with criss-cross

Show off your sexy side by crossing over the straps across the neck before you tie it at your nape. This super flattering upside-down bikini look made popular by Kourtney Kardashian has taken Instagram by storm because it accentuates your curves and helps give you even more cleavage (shout out to the Itty Bitty Titty Committee)! Safe to say we’re obsessed with this. 

You can always count on us to keep you on top (or in this case, ahead) with our trendy swimwear collections. For the best places to get swimsuits online, you know it’s!

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