Design Diaries: the Cleo Top

     If you’re looking for a super cute bikini that’s easy to put on, you’ve come to the right place! We were browsing through our archives and we stumbled upon this style’s sketch - and couldn’t believe it’s already been almost 2 years since we launched the Cleo Top! Fast forward to today, they now come in a variety of prints and colors - from the original Blackbough prints like Sour Tape and Snow Leopard, to our personal fave Candy Pink (It’s the cutest shade of pastel pink). Here’s what makes the Cleo Top a babe fave!

Cleo Top Details

Comfy and Seamless

Although all our suits are seamless, this cleo top is especially comfy because it’s triple lined for thickness - so you can strut confidently without worrying about showing! Also, no firm stitching means comfort all day long, you’ll forget you have it on! A seamless design in buttery soft fabric - need we say more?

Pull Over

Do you ever struggle with hooks at the backs of your bikini tops? We can relate! And don’t pretend you haven’t been left behind by your friends running to the pool/beach just because you couldn’t get your hook in the right slot yet! This pull over top’s got your back. With no hooks or straps to struggle with, you just grab it, put it on like a tee, and go! It’s the perfect top if you’re always on the run and you don’t want any fuss or frills… you just want to get to the water ASAP!

Knot Detail

Here’s the highlight of the Cleo Top that all our girls love - the cutest center knot detail! While making this top, we wanted to spice up the usual pull over top by adding a subtle and unique detail without it being too loud. A cute knot at the center was the perfect idea!

We looked back at one of our original pullover style tops, the Tallulah Top, for some inspiration. While still keeping the same simple and comfy style, we swapped the sporty, straight band in the front for a flattering scoop neckline with a seamless knot detail - which you babes now know as the signature design in our Cleo top! We didn’t expect that knotting the center would end up transforming the whole top into the perfect bralette shape - with a twist!

Thick straps

Nothing says comfy like soft and thick shoulder straps! We all know the feeling of straps that can get tight and heavy on the shoulders after a long day. That definitely won’t be a thing with these Cleo Tops! These soft, wide straps are perfect to support your girls all day without digging in.

Ways to Wear `em

With a matching bikini bottom

While we do have the Cleo Bottoms to complete the matchy knotted details, babes love pairing this top with the Stassy Bottoms or Classic High Bottoms too! It just goes perfectly well with a simple high rise.

With accessories

Make it even cuter with some accessories! You can pair it with a headband or a loud printed Bucket Hat.

With casual wear

You can also wear them as a top with shorts for a cool and breezy look! Throw on a Cleo Top, whether plain or printed, or paired with some denims and a cool pair of sneakers and you’re good to go! It’ll perfectly show your free and easy vibe!

Which Cleo Top are you getting? 

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