Design Diaries : The Liv Set

     Last time, we showed you babes how we came up with our best-selling top of all time, the Willow Top! You can read about that here.

Now, we take you through how we came up with the design of one of favorite new styles, the Liv Set.

While preparing for our spring drop to welcome the sun, we all had one thing in mind - TANNING! We’ve always wondered what the perfect bikini would be for our favorite pastime under the sun.

We know you babes love minimal tan lines and coverage for maximum tanning gains, so the team brainstormed to come up with the perfect bikini for sun baking. Hence, the ultimate tanning bikini: the Liv Set! Here’s why you babes need to get it for your next vacay beach day:

Everything to love about the Liv Set

1. Thin Straps

Do you avoid thick strapped ‘kinis, strappy suits, or those one shoulder pieces because of the weird tan lines you’ll get? We totally know the feeling, girls! Avoid those chunky lines by grabbing this thin-strapped set for those sleek, sexy, and minimal tan lines!

2. Adjustable Coverage

Sun’s out, buns out! But how about when you get out of the sun and need a bit more coverage? We came up with a design that can go from super cheeky to modest with the quickest adjustment! This makes it perfect to show a bit more skin when you want more kissing from mr. sunshine, but can also cover your bottom when you’re about to sit down. Whether you like it tight and cheeky or loose and comfy, the adjustable ties give you the ultimate custom fit. You’ll be ready to lay and slay under the sun all day!

Liv Set first draft

3. Details, details, details

They’re what make our Liv Set different from other string bikinis! Gold embellishments at the ends of the ties give the suit that classy look, and the soft scrunch details never dig in because of its buttery soft fabric! The Liv Set is sure to be your go-to tanning ‘kini from now on. By the way, we named it after one of our favorite customers who’s just as obsessed with the sun and swimsuits as we are!

Babes @b_esguerra, @jinberr and @mayaparaguya rocking the Liv Sets

Don’t wait any longer babe! It’s time to grab a set for yourself, or five - because they now come in five different prints and colors to suit your every mood!

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