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Design Diaries: The Willow Top

Ever wondered how each style of our bikinis came to be? In this new series, we’ll be going in depth about how your beloved pieces came to life. Today, the spotlight’s on one of our bestselling tops - the Willow Top!

A lot of girls used to give us feedback saying they love our suits, but don’t think it’ll fit them well because they’re on the bustier side. Eventually, we noticed more and more girls giving us the same comment, so we realized it was definitely time to come up with the perfect top for our bustier babes.

We put on our thinking caps and brainstormed a way to address a busty girl’s main bikini concerns.

Problem 1: I had to get a larger size bikini meant for smaller girls just to fit

This is a common problem we heard. You know the feeling - having to buy a large (when you’re a small!) just for the bigger cup size. This obviously will lead to a bad fit because the band would be too loose. Our busty, thinner girls had a hard time when sizing up in our bikinis because it would be too loose around their torsos.

Our solution: Make as many customizable adjustments as possible! This way, you babes can adjust the straps to make your bikini fit like a glove. The hook at the back has 3 levels, to loosen or tighten for that perfect snug fit!

Problem 2: The teeny bikinis didn’t provide enough support

This is something all busty babes can relate to. Triangle bikinis and bandeaus just don’t offer the support the girls need to keep them up and make them look perky. We really had to think about how we could incorporate more support while still make you babes look cute. It was all about function x aesthetic here!

First draft of the Willow Top

Our solution: A busty gal’s best friend—the underwire! We then coupled this with adjustable shoulder straps for a custom fit.

Problem 3: Most suits made for bustier girls are too covered.

Now this is annoying. A lot of bikinis made for busty babes leave you too covered up and are just not cute enough. We know our girls deserve to look h-o-t no matter their shape or size, so we went to the drawing board to come up with a design that would make everyone slay.

The Willow Top in Sour Tape

Our solution: After many designs, we’ve come up with one that showed just the right amount of skin but still had good coverage.

It took many hours of conceptualizing, planning and redrafting to get the Willow Top just right! The first round’s cups were too small, and for the next one, we couldn’t get the back tight enough. We knew we had to make sure that the straps could be fully adjustable to give the chest an extra push so we made sure to get the measurements as exact as possible.

But all that hard work was worth it seeing how perfect it looks!

We knew we couldn’t just throw out any name after all the hard work, so we turned to one of our fave busty babes, our dear photographer, and named the top after her adorable baby girl!

Do you love the Willow as much as we do? Show it some love in the comments below! And let us know which style you’d like to know more about!

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