Hop on the Tiktok Trend

     If you’re like us, we’ve just hopped on the tiktok trend and we’re LOVING it (if you haven’t followed us, make sure you do here)! It’s just a super fun way to pass the time while we stay home and do things with no filter (let your picture perfect Instagram side rest for a bit!) On Tiktok, trends are quick to change, and what’s hot right now might not be as hot the following week, so make sure to keep yourself up to date and show your friends who’s cool! Think Snapchat but with longer durations, and trends just keep coming! You’ll always have something new to share without having to think of anything from scratch - all you have to do is get on what’s happening now! Whether you’re new to the platform or just curious about what it is, here’s what you need to keep yourself up to speed!

Tiktok superstars to follow

Who to follow:

These are the biggest personalities who just continue to blow up with every post! If the Kardashians own Instagram, these guys dominate the Tiktok world. Follow their accounts for the latest dances, trends, glow ups and parts of their everyday life that gets from woke up like this to glamorous - all the way to crazy in a split second!

     @charlidamelio - start it off with the most followed personality on the platform! If you want to be the first to know about trending dances, she’s your best bet! We totally stan a queen who uses her voice for good use as she’s spoken against cyber bullying. With 50 M followers and her daily dance videos it’s not hard to see why everyone’s obsessed with her!

     @zachking - this guy’s been around for quite some time already, doing all sorts of quirky tricks and witty effects that are super entertaining! Previously known for his magic vines (a moment of silence for that platform), he’s now taken his content to Tiktok and they’re extremely amusing to watch!

     @daniellemarcan and @cutcreaser - if you’re into makeup and you’re quite adventurous with it, they’re your girls! Their profiles show lots of glow up videos in a snappy way, making you just want to pick up that brush on pile on everything you have!

     @kerifay - Fashion your thing? Watch her tiktoks as she shows how you can elevate your wardrobe easily! What’s great is that you can get quick style inspos while you’re on the go!

     @lizzo - all hail Queen Lizzo! You normally see her all dolled up and fabulous, but the Tiktok Lizzo is all raw and no less perfect. You’ll see on her profile her normal daily life, snippets of her casually singing and other funny stuff she’s into!

Trends, then and now

Babes in Blackbough dancing to Tiktok dance trends

Just like everybody else. the OG dances got us into the TikTok craze! We had so much fun doing them as sanity breaks while working in our HQ, we even put on our fave hats and accessories in the office! Even your friends who aren’t into TikTok will surely get on the platform and have a blast once they try doing these dances! What better way to show them the new platform you love by getting to know the best and biggest trends so far? Here are a few of our faves!

     Renegade - Wanna start your TikTok game strong? This dance is the most popular of all, but fair warning: this OG challenge is pretty difficult! You’ve got all the time in the world right now, so practice away and show everyone those moves! And if you’re needing help like some of us, here’s a tutorial!

     Say So - this song was just way too catchy to pass up, and our team got addicted to it completely! The dance isn’t all that complicated, you can get it within a few tries. If that’s not enough, queen Doja Cat had another trending song on the platform right now, so give Say So a go then jump into her next hit Like That right after! No tutorials needed for these ones, they’re super easy!

     Bored in the House - because who isn’t? If you aren’t into dancing but wanna get on the Tiktok trend, this is where you can get funny and creative while you show everyone how you’re doing or losing your mind this quarantine! Here’s a video we made showing how we make some of your fave swim!

    Savage - this one is currently trending, and we’re all for it! The singer @meghantheestallion is on tiktok herself and you can check out her version of the dance too, apart from celebs JLo and Jessica Alba! Crediting who made the dance is important on Tiktok too, so don’t forget to tag them. The Savage dance was made by the equally sassy girl Keara Wilson - follow her here!

Dancing with a group

Some of the Blackbough Team dancing to Doja Cat’s Say So

Before you strangle each other at home, do something fun like a dance together to bond as a family or whoever you’re on lockdown with! It’s best to keep it simple so everyone can keep up (although dads on tiktok are the funniest, too!). You can also do this with your friends when the lockdown is over!

    Something New - This one just has 3 moves so everyone can get this dance down for sure! It’s an easy left-right-shimmy so nobody in your house has an excuse to pass it up. Drag the fam to the yard and get it!

    Out West - here’s another simple dance you can do at home with your folks! It has slightly more moves but convince them to give it a go! Here’s! Madison Beer with her dad doing the dance!

If you’re thinking about trying tiktok, we suggest you just go for it! Don’t think about it too much - that’s the beauty of the platform. Also, don’t forget to add the hashtags #foryoupage and #fyp for more visibilty! Let your #nofilter self shine and tag us - we love seeing you guys bust out your Blackbough and show those moves!

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