How to Look Cute on TikTok

     From celebs to influencers, brands to even activists, everybody seems to just be getting on this Tik Tok trend. Whether it’s out of curiosity or your friends telling you to get on it, there’s no reason not to try and join the other 800 million people on it! If you’re a little intimidated or anxious on how to slay your first Tiktok, here are some BB tips!

1. Find a challenge

What makes TikTok unique compared to other platforms is that it’s usually based around trending “challenges.” They’re usually a popularized dance to a song, but there are lots of just goofy clips, interactive graphics and fun lip-synching videos users can use. To find a trending challenge, tap the discover button (the one with the magnifying glass) which you can find at the bottom of your home screen and get into the rabbit hole of everything that’s trending! You can search the specific creator, sound, or hashtag you’re looking for if you have one, or just scroll through (similar to the explore page of Instagram) and find what you like!

2. Find your ‘fit

You’re gonna want to look bomb in your first TikTok and look like a total pro, so picking the right outfit is key. You’re in luck - we’ve got these Tiktok approved outfits from Tiktok stars themselves! You can check out queen Avani rocking her bikini set with a matching headband!

If you’re gunning for an athleisure aesthetic, then the Tate Set is definitely for you! It’s effortless, but the matching top and bottom co-ords will surely let you serve a look! You can watch how the Pitman Sisters slayed these on their video!

If you wanna look comfy and cool like Jess Belkin’s video, we recommend the Deni Set! Zip it all the way up and show off as much of that cute Marshmallow Tie-Dye print as you can! Its light and relaxed fit gives the laid back vibe you want, perfect for Tiktok where nobody takes anything too seriously!

You can also pair your favorite bikini top with your go-to denim shorts for the perfect casual vibe just like Angelspov!

3. Take the Videos

TikTok’s most important feature is the timer button - this is your new best friend. It’s what makes all those signature dance challenges, pranks and other cool stuff possible! Although TikToks are only 15 seconds long, you can string them together for up to a minute. The options for longer videos and stitching up clips is what makes the whole Tiktok vibe a catchy and snappy one! Just hold the button as you normally would when you’re recording, and release when you want to cut! You can simply hold the button again to resume recording, or get straight down to the filters and effects!

4. Filter Up!

Think Instagram and Snapchat filters and effects, but Tiktok’s versions are on another level! There are lots of cool AR effects that you can use in your videos, like changing the color of your eyes to distorting your background.

To choose a filter, tap Effects on the left-hand side of the screen to scroll through them. The World tab gives you options that change everything around you, with trippy effects and cute sparkles to choose from!

On the right side of your screen you’ll find the Beauty button. This is for when you need a bit of digital help taking out those dark circles under your eyes and making yourself look camera ready!

Below, you’ll find the filters menu. TikTok’s filters are numbered, so just scroll through, tap and test until you find something you like!

Top it off with a cool caption, and the hashtag for the challenge you’re doing! Don’t forget to follow Blackbough on Tiktok - and tag us in your videos!

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