It-Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

We’re well into October and you know what that means, babes - Halloween! And if you’re anything like us, there is absolutely nothing scarier than not having the perfect costume, right?

If you’re at a loss for what to dress up as this Halloween, take your cue from our top 3 costume ideas. Not only will you look super cute but they’re also easy to whip up in a flash!

1. Fierce Feline

This is a common problem we heard. You know the feeling - having to buy a large (when you’re a small!) just for the bigger cup size. This obviously will lead to a bad fit because the band would be too loose. Our busty, thinner girls had a hard time when sizing up in our bikinis because it would be too loose around their torsos.

Willow Top and Stassy Bottoms in Wild Cat, Black Leather pants, Leopard Tail and Cat Ears

Is there any animal sexier than the leopard? Get in touch with your wild side, because it’s time to take out the claws and show them who’s a feisty cat!

Get the look: Put on your favorite Blackbough bikini in Wild Cat, throw on some body-hugging black leather pants to up your cool points. Finish off the look with a cat ear headband and leopard tail -- now you’re ready to party!

2. Black Magic

Cooper Top and Classic High Bottoms in Black Velvet, Kiki Cover Up in NY Noir, Witch Hat, Black Boots and Broomstick

Dress spooktacularly this year as a wicked witch! While witch costumes may be a staple for most, yours will be anything but boring. Stand out and upgrade your look with the latest ‘kinis from Blackboughswim!

Get the look: Grab your Black Velvet or NY Noir suits and elevate that outfit with the Kiki Cover up in NY Noir! Put on a witch hat, lace up some black boots and don’t forget that iconic broomstick - now you’re all set!

3. Femme Fatale

Maui Top and Classic High Bottoms in Silver Velvet, Double Ring belt, Khaki Shorts, Brown Lace Up Boots, Gun Holster and Gloves

If you’re not the type to look cute and wanna give that badass vibe, this one’s for you! Dress to kill like Tomb Raider, Lara Croft and turn heads with how much of a baddie you are!

Get the look: First off you’ll need your go-to Maui Top suit, and pair it with your khaki shorts and black studded belt. To really get into the Lara Croft character though, don’t forget to include your gun holster (with a toy gun of course), trusty boots, and black gloves.

Have you started planning your Halloween costume?

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