This or That: Lola or Kels?

     We’re starting this new series to zoom in on the best features of each piece, so that ultimately we can help you babes decide which one to get! We know how hard it is to make a decision (while we always say, "why not both?" we totally understand that sometimes, choices have to be made). We’re starting out with the hottest new styles this summer - the Lola Sets and Kels Sets! While both are bestsellers in their own right, let’s see what makes them different from each other and in the end, you can hopefully pick which one you’ll rock this summer!


In our book, it’s the details that make the whole look! The Lola Set’s got the sweetest touch - ruched and ruffled all over, you’re sure to give off that dainty vibe! With its sweetheart neckline topped off with a center tie detail , it’s sure to make you look like the girly girl that you are! The Kels Set on the other hand is the classic triangle cut, but with oversized O rings for that spicy look. Its neckline is much more daring than the Lola Top’s with its deep scoopneck shape, and further accentuated by the O rings. This set definitely packs a whole lot of confidence!


With the details mentioned, you well know that the Lola Set gives off the sweet vibe, and the Kels Set gives a spicy one. So think about what kind of girl you’d usually be described as - sweet or spicy? Or, maybe go for the opposite look for a change and surprise your friends on your next beach trip, because who says you have to stick to what you’re usually described as? Life’s no fun without switching up your style every so often depending on what you’re in the mood for, so maybe this is your chance to mix it up!


While the Kels top does give you the versatility of having both with pads or no pads looks, the Lola makes up for it with its removable halter strap. It would make it easier to choose if you can think about which feature you’d prefer to have - removable pads or a second strapless style!

Itty bitty or busty?

We recommend the Lola Top for smaller busted babes! The scrunched style and the second option of wearing it strapless is super flattering for girls with smaller chests. For the Kels top, support is a huge consideration! Since its band is a tad bit tighter, we can recommend this one for all body types - it gives a little lift if you’re on the smaller side, and is supportive for girls with bigger busts!

High Leg or Mid Rise?

Looking to lengthen those legs? The Lola Bottoms are your best bet! With its natural V shape you know and love, it’s designed to sit high on your waist because cute never has to be boring. The Kels Bottoms normally sit a tad bit lower but you can still pull it up high for the same high leg look!

We hope this is enough to help you out in deciding which one to get from the Lola and the Kels Sets! The matching details of your top and bottom always give a put-together look, but mixing and matching is definitely fun too! See what goes well together and make your own look here!

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