Upcycling the Blackbough Way

     Overflowing landfills and plastic in our oceans are a huge problem, and that just doesn’t sit well with our tropical souls. We’re constantly looking for ways to become more eco-friendly as a brand as we’ve mentioned before in our previous blog post featuring our new sustainable bikini collection, 100% biodegradable compostable mailer bags and reusable swimsuit packaging.

All of our Blackbough packaging is designed to be uber cute to make you babes want to reuse it in as many different ways and reuse them as much as possible! That way, you get the most out of every single piece and help save the environment. Here are a few cute and simple upcycling ideas from our team that you can do too!


Inspired to get organized yet? We definitely are! Here’s what one of our team members did with our Blackbough gift box — use it as the cutest skincare essentials organizer! Keep it by your bedside for easy access to your daily routine. You can also keep your study table organized by storing your pans, markers and other work materials inside it - it’s big enough to fit everything you need! Here’s another idea for your tropical souls: gather your photos and polaroids from your tropical getaways and put them all here! If you’re looking for the perfect box for your keepsakes and memories, this is definitely it - its design completes the whole vacay vibe!


Don’t throw away your cute hang tags! You can use it as a bookmark when you read your fave books this summer. These were specifically designed to look like a window peeping out to a tropical scene (where we’d all rather be!), and are sure to keep you daydreaming of your next beach getaway every time you see it!

Headband and Scrunchie Pack

Our headband and scrunchie packaging were designed to reveal a cute photo when you take out each piece! Cut them out and use them to decorate your planner’s cover, your bedroom wall, or your mood board to get you inspired while studying. You can also cut out the picture in the middle and slide it under the glass topper of your table so you always have something pretty to look at while you study or work!

Swimsuit Resealable Pouch

Our resealable pouches have been proven to be huge lifesavers! Apart from storing our wet ‘kinis after driving home from the beach, we also use them to store all our essentials so they don’t get lost in our purse or backpack. It just makes it super easy to not only find what you’re looking for, instead of just dumping everything and digging for it right when you need it. It’s also a super convenient way to transfer from one bag or another when all your essentials are just in one pouch. We’ve used it to store everything from makeup to markers, charging cables, loose change, alcohol, wipes, and even small snacks! It also comes with an artwork insert that you can include in your moodboard!

Mailer Bag

We’ve just fallen head-over-heels for this shade of pink and we can’t bear to throw out this mailer bag! You can snip it all up and turn it into stuffing when you wrap gifts for your loved ones - the pop of pink just completes the entire surprise! You can also cut it up and tape it to a string for a fringed bunting that easily makes any celebration more festive.

Got any other upcycling ideas? Let us know!

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