Beaches We Can't Wait to Visit

     While the world feels like it hit pause and so have our plans for work, school, and travels, we can’t help but dream about all the beautiful beaches we’ll surely be visiting once everything goes back to normal! And who better to take with on beautiful destinations than our bestie who’s always down to take our pics for the ‘gram?

Whether you’re just feeling the wanderlust or already planning trips, best take a look at some of the most picture-perfect destinations in the world you can visit once this all blows over!

1. Railay Beach, Thailand

Railay Beach is actually a small peninsula made up of four small beaches and is accessible only by boat. It’s a tropical paradise made with powder-fine white sand beaches, soaring limestone cliffs, majestic viewpoints, caves, and even a lagoon! There are absolutely no roads on Railay so you’ll have to travel to every place on foot or by longtail boat - sounds like an adventure!

What to do:

  • Visit all four beaches
  • Go rock climbing in Krabi
  • Explore Phra Nang Princess Cave and Tham Pranangnai Cave
  • Go clubbing at the Bamboo Bar
  • Dine al fresco and enjoy local Thai cuisine right on the beach
  • Hike up to Railay Beach viewpoint and lagoonan Holly
  • Get an authentic Thai massage

Sounds fun? Here’s a travel itinerary you can check out.

2. Bells Beach, Australia

Australia is known for its many stunning beaches, and Bells Beach is no exception! A surfer’s haven, it’s home to the world’s longest-running surf competition where you’ll find some of the biggest rip curls in the world. It’s surrounded by majestic cliffs all around it, making each surf a breathtaking one.

What to do:

  • Go surfing (duh!)
  • Take the plunge and go tandem skydiving over the beach
  • Watch the sunrise in a hot air balloon over Geelong
  • Take a road tour to see the wildlife
  • Rent a kombi and and explore Melbourne
  • Check out 12 Apostles rock formation

3. Trunk Bay, St. John U.S. Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay is not only St. John’s most popular beach, it’s also one of the most photographed beaches in the Virgin Islands! With its beautiful white sand shores, crystal clear turquoise waters, and abundant sea life, it really isn’t difficult to see why.

What to do:

  • Enjoy the fresh seafood
  • Swim in the calm, clear water
  • Go snorkeling
  • Work on your tan
  • Take a hike and enjoy the view of St. John
  • Embark on a sunset sail

4. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

Elafonissi Beach is unlike any other beach out there… it has shimmering pink sand! Now who ISN’T obsessed with pink? Located in Crete, Elafonissi Beach rose to popularity in 2014 when it was named by TripAdvisor as one of the top 25 beaches in the world. It’s separated from the main island by a shallow lagoon and a sandbar, which is submerged underwater at high tide (but you can easily swim across). On Elafonissi, you’ll find hundreds of rare plants including sea daffodils, yellow scorpion-tail violent, and the Androcymbium rechingeri (so rare it doesn’t even have a common name) - so let the plant mom in you rejoice!

What to do:

  • Find rare fauna and take lots of pictures
  • Relax on the unique pink sand
  • Go hiking on the nearby mountains
  • Go windsurfing or kitesurfing
  • Head to Panorama for the view
  • Sample a range of Greek dishes

5. Awaroa, South Island, New Zealand

Awaroa Beach is located in the heart of the Abel Tasman National Park. In 2016, the locals banded together and started a crowdfunding page to buy the privately held beachfront property, earning it the nickname “People’s Beach.” Surrounded by lush green forests, this breathtaking beach doesn’t just have an interesting history but also has an amazing scenery!

What to do:

  • Go kayaking
  • Check out Falls River
  • Rent a water taxi and take a scenic cruise
  • Check out New Zealand’s unique wildlife

6. El Nido, Palawan

Limestones larger than buildings, waters in a crystal clear blue color and a boat all to yourselves? Yes please! El Nido is nothing short of amazing, boasting huge rock formations, white sand beaches, astonishing coral reefs and more islands than you can possibly count. The locals make huge efforts to preserve its nature - so you’ll see why El Nido’s breathtaking views are definitely not to miss!

What to do:

  • Snorkel and see different kinds of fish in Shimizu Island
  • Dive in Dilumacad Island Tunnel
  • Kayak around the Big Lagoon
  • Take a dip in the small lagoon
  • Take photos in Snake Island sandbar

Interested? Here’s everything you need to know!

No matter the destination, we’re surely taking our besties and packing our favorite Blackbough pieces. We know we all can’t wait to travel all around the world again!

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