Blackbough's College Essentials

It’s that time of the year again! Are you as excited as we are to head back to school? Before going back to your college dorms, make sure you get these back-to-school essentials!

1. A Reliable Bag

You’ll be lugging stuff all around campus so it’s important to have a bag that fits all your necessities (laptop, books, makeup kit, wallet, keys). Make sure it’s both cute and functional! Look for ones with a cushioned partition to keep your laptop safe and secure.

Mygreen Canvas Daypack, Herschel Little America Mid-Volume, Kane Magenta Mint Backpack

2. Comfy Sheets

Campus will be your home for the next 4 or so years. Make your dorm room your haven by bringing along some ultra-soft comforters and cooling sheets so you get a good’s night sleep. Heard the lines have been quite long for beddings, so be patient!

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets, Company Cotton® Percale Solid Bedding

3. Wall Organizer and Mood board

It’s no lie that you’ll be uber-busy in college and it’s easy to let your things go unorganized. Don’t fall into this trap and invest in a wall organizer that not only stores all your school supplies for you but also keeps your desk clutter-free. Add in a cute moodboard as well to keep you 100% motivated!

Potterybarn Daily System Wall Organizer

4. Power Strip

No one ever warns you about this: you will never have enough plugs. Between charging your laptop, your phone, lamps and whatnot, it’s best to have your bases covered by packing a power strip so you have enough sockets to go around! This cute rainbow one adds a pop of color to any boring room.

Amazon Decorative and Colorful Charging Extension

5. Blackbough Suits and Cover Ups

Apart from studying, college is about having fun! There’s sure to be a ton of pool and beach parties so make sure you come prepared with your hottest ‘kini! Here’s our pick, perfect for college parties!

Riri Top and Bottoms in Flame + Yumi Crop in Wild Thing

6. Cute Pens

Note taking can be such a drag! Not to mention studying notes in black and white can be so boring. Make studying fun again by writing in an assortment of different colors! This not only makes your notes look super cute but is also a very effective study tool. The different colors help you label key words and ideas in your notes - something you’ll be thankful for when it comes to studying for finals!

Paper Mate InkJoy Pen, Sharpie Fine Point Markers

7. Planner

If there’s one thing we’re sure about our babes it’s how busy you’ll be come school time. Apart from juggling classes, we bet you’ll be busy with different organization and sorority meetings, parties and group projects! Make sure you stay on top of your busy social life by jotting all the important dates and deadlines down in your planner.

Moleskine Weekly Planner, Erin Condren 12 Month Planner

8. Tumbler

We can’t stress this enough - you always got to keep yourself hydrated! While this isn’t available yet, here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on for you guys to stay hydrated!

Blackbough Tumblers (coming soon!)

9. Speakers

We all know how music can make or break any party! Make sure your room is party-ready with killer sounds. These speakers are built to last and survive and wild college party. It’s shockproof, waterproof and comes in a wide range of colors. Score!

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Speaker

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