Design Diaries: The Billie Top

     At this point, you already know we’re obsessed with tops that are adjustable! Getting the perfect fit can be tricky, so what’s a girl to do when you’ve got unique proportions? Finding the perfect top that you can freely adjust how you want it is your best bet when you find yourself in these kinds of situations. We’re all about options with our new favorite styles, and the Billie Top has got options written all over it!

Billie Top Details

Halter Strap

You’ll notice we’ve been obsessing over halter styles with our recent new releases (check the Lola Top and Kels Top if you’re looking for more halter styles). It’s a trend we’re loving and it’s easy to see why - the straps don’t ever feel heavy on your shoulder as it sits on your nape! A halter style gives off a sexy silhouette that flatters the neckline so well.

Deep Neckline

While we’re talking necklines, the Billie Top’s neckline is a daring one! It just seemingly goes on until forever, and sophisticatedly shows the bare center of your chest. This super flattering top also has adjustable cups that give you options of how much or how little you want to show!!

Adjustable Cups

We all need a swimsuit that’s versatile enough to switch up depending on who you’re with. If you’re hanging out with the fam’, you can maximize and stretch out the coverage! But if you’re hanging out with the squad, you can let loose and choose to show a little bit more! We’re also obsessed with scrunched up details on the band, so when you minimize the coverage, you maximize those deets!

Tie Back

When we said we love adjustments, of course we weren’t going to forget the tie back! With this feature, you can easily adjust how tight you need the band to be - which is perfect for when you want a more relaxed fit to breathe, or a tighter fit when you need that extra security and support!

Ways to Wear

While we didn’t design the Billie Top with multiple ways to wear in mind, we were thrilled to see you Blackbough babes wearing it how you want to - we think they’re absolutely stunning! We totally stan multiple looks in one piece. Here are a few different ways to wear our Billie Top and we’re loving each style!

A criss-cross halter just gives it the sexiest look, while the bandeau style leaves a center O cut out detail that’s super cute! You can also tie it in the center for another look that makes it convenient to adjust too!

The Perfect Pairing

While there’s lots going on with the top and how you can adjust it, we thought the bottoms to match it should be simple and no fuss. The Billie Bottoms sit mid rise on the hips for maximum comfort, and sports the perfect jagged stitch on all seams that makes it oh-so secure. Just slip it on and you’re ready to go after you’ve figured out what look you’re going for with the Billie Top!

If you ever want to show off your new suit or find other ways to wear the Billie Top, post it on your Instagram feed and tag us - we’d love to see it!

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