International Women's Day

        Happy International Women’s Day! This day not only celebrates what women have accomplished, but also encourages advocacy for women’s rights and equality across the globe. It’s the most important day of the year to celebrate women’s achievements, to push for gender parity, and to raise funds for female-focused charities! As a female led company and as a woman myself, we’re definitely celebrating and pushing for this advocacy with you here in Blackbough. Here’s what we’re doing:


This March, we’re making #PurpleMondays happen! Purple is the color of International Women’s Day, so we’re rocking our favorite purple pieces to show support for women empowerment every Monday of the month. Of course, we’re wearing our very own Lavender and Lilac colors - from which 50% of sales on March 8 PST will be donated to our chosen foundation, Tahanan Sta. Luisa!

Blackbough x Tahanan Sta. Luisa

We’ve decided to make a meaningful partnership with Tahanan Sta. Luisa to support this worldwide activity, right here from our home country. Tahanan Sta. Luisa (where Tahanan means “home” in our local language) is an intervention and recovery center based in the Philippines for sexually abused young women. Hearing about how some of these girls were victims of their own family members, it pushed us further to spread awareness to you babes from all around the world. These girls, aged 12-23 years old and who are victims of their own family members, urgently need to be relocated, protected and nurtured in a new home. Our chosen organization provides programs and services for Caring (basic needs of food, clothing and shelter), Healing (psychological and psychiatric therapy), and Teaching (educational enrollment and skills training), so that they can recover from their past experiences. With the end goal of reinstating these girls back to society to be independent and productive, we thought that this small foundation was where help was needed the most. They’ve already helped 600+ girls successfully grow into empowered, independent women since their founding, so we’re urging women from all around the world to help them provide shelter to more young girls in need.

To make a positive change, we will be donating 50% of sales on March 8 from the Lavender and Lilac Collections to Tahanan Sta. Luisa, in order to sustain operations of the home. Shop to donate, and you can also directly donate here to make a difference.

Though we are only given just one month to mark the occasion, we can make every day women’s day. Let’s support all women of all races, ages, and sizes. As women, let’s empower each other.

Sending love and support.

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