Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

          Oh no - it’s that time again. If you’re wondering why lots of things aren’t going your way and nothing’s just according to plan, we know exactly why - Mercury is once again in retrograde! If you aren’t familiar with this astrological phenomenon and want to know the reason for all the bad things happening, we’re here to not only fill you in on what to expect but also give you some survival tips!

What is “Mercury Retrograde”?

Because of the way the earth’s orbit interacts with the orbits of other planets (we know, a mouthful), some planets may appear to be traveling backward in the night sky with respect to the zodiac. This is what we call apparent retrograde motion or simply “Mercury retrograde”. This happens three times a year, with the last of 2020 upon us from October 14 to November 3 (marking our calendars for the end of all of this madness). Mercury, in ancient Roman mythology, was the messenger of the gods, therefore ruling all communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and the like. So if you’re wondering why your friends aren’t receiving your messages, your co-workers aren’t getting your emails and your internet has been acting up - you have your answer!

Mercury Retrograde dos and don’ts

While we have to communicate daily and the internet is just as important as the air we breathe, we’ve got some tips to survive and make it through until everything’s back to normal!

Ilustragabs via Instagram

1. Since communication is tricky during this time, be extra mindful during your conversations with people. Listen carefully to others and choose your words wisely to minimize the risk of misunderstandings.

2. Be prepared, both mentally and logistically, when making plans to go out. Don’t lose your mind when things don’t go according to plan - and instead, just go with the flow!

3. Leave your house 5-10 minutes earlier than you would normally do because there is a higher chance of delays during this time. Traffic, GPS, your car - all these might act up and derail your plans! Spare yourself the stress and head out 10-15 minutes earlier just to be safe.

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4. Backup all your files! Mercury Retrograde has just started and we’re already experiencing tech issues - from our phones suddenly updating without warning, laptops suddenly crashing, and files going missing! Make sure to back up and save save save!

5. Your wifi will most probably act up if it isn’t already - so if possible, have a spare wifi connection from your phone or a dongle on the handy.

6. Make sure your emails were indeed sent! Unfortunately, computer codes also fall under Mercury’s control, so after hitting that send button, don’t forget to check out that sent folder if it’s indeed there.

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7. Don’t sign any contracts, leases, or agreements, as this period is generally fluid and changeable. It’s best to wait till the energy is more stable.

8. Boost your mindfulness through yoga and meditation so that you can conserve your strength and navigate through the negatively charged period with ease. Your mind and your body will thank you for it!

You don’t have to stress about each and every thing that doesn’t go right during this period - just blame it on Mercury Retrograde! Things can get extremely frustrating and easily ruin your day, so don’t forget to take a step back and take a deep breath - it isn’t anyone’s fault but just how the universe works. And if all else fails, you know you can always add that gorgeous Blackbough ‘kini to cart and make everything better again!

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