Mix and Match Faves

     We’re all about options, babes! We just love to mix and match our bikini tops and bottoms, and with the cutest accessories too! When you switch it up, you get to show your own unique sense of style. That’s one of the reasons why we opted to sell our pieces as separates instead of as sets (although sizing plays a part in that, too). There’s absolutely no shame in wanting to get more wear out of what you already have. In fact, not only is it more sustainable, but it also totally makes a look that’s uniquely your own and we’re here for it.

Here are some Blackbough tips on mixing and matching like a pro!

1. Colors on Colors

Don’t be afraid to mix up your colors! The easiest way to mix up your ‘kinis is by playing around with solids that are already bikini staples in your closet. You can have a ton of fun with the different color combinations you come up with.

There are really no hard rules to mixing colors but try to avoid wearing pieces that are too similar in color because it can tend to look mismatched. Instead, go for complementary or opposite colors for a vibe that’s a lot more fun and playful!

You can also pretty much mix anything with the most versatile solid color: White! Grab that plain accessory, be it a waist-tied sarong or a full cover up, and throw it over whatever you’re wearing and you’re still good to go.

2. Solids and Prints

Kick things up a notch by throwing some prints into the mix. Trust us, it’s a lot easier than you think! The trick is to use a color that’s incorporated in the print, which makes the ‘fit look more cohesive and complementary but still unique.

A neutral base, like Cocoa brown, Black, or White, goes well with almost any print. Yes, even if the print you’re using doesn’t have your base color in it - all you need is the confidence to rock it! Here’s our bright abstract print Drippy looking so good with everyone’s fave neutral.

In case you were wondering if Blue and Yellow looked good together, then here’s your answer. Pair this Sunrise Aloha Top with some bright Blue bottoms for a bikini combo that will make your tan pop!

While Sunrise Aloha is a print that definitely stands out, you wouldn’t believe the prints and colors this one goes well with. Mixing and matching from the same color family definitely works, so the warm yellow tones in the Sunrise Aloha sarong seamlessly pairs with the Orange Chloe set.

3. Prints and Textures 

You’re not just limited to mixing colors. We try to keep our suits as interesting and unique as possible, so we play around with different fabrics to get you special textures in your bikinis for those eye-catching looks!

Just like with our last tip, start by choosing a print you want to highlight. Then, pick a color from that print to incorporate into your look. We chose to pick up the Lavender hues from the Rio Paisleys polo and carried it through our ‘kinis! Totally worth a photo in your IG grid.

We want to see your bikini mixing skills! Make sure to tag our socials so we see them!

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