The Libra Style Picks

     We all know our Libra friends for being lovable, sincere, and generous personalities, so what better way to show our appreciation for them than to gift them with the perfect stylish pieces?

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, it’s no surprise that Libras have a taste for the finer things in life. Think things with subtle metallic accents, elevated style staples, luxe fabrics, flirty pinks, and classics with a twist. One of the more style-savvy signs, Libras always strive to look their best but would never be caught dead in anything that would be too flashy or over the top - as their symbol would say, balance is key! An understated classy style always makes everyone around them jealous of how effortlessly chic they are. The best way to describe their style would be sweet, romantic, feminine and classy.

Unfortunately the struggle to strike a balance in everything (as their symbol suggests) makes them notorious for being indecisive. Lucky for you guys, whether you’re a Libra babe yourself or shopping for your Libra star sister (Sagittarius babes, you know what to do), we’ve got pieces we know every Libra babe will love!

The Famed Libras

To better picture peak Libras, think of the following A-listers:

  • Millennials know and love Hilary Duff (September 28) as the lead star of hit Disney show, Lizzie McGuire. Ten years later, she’s still a successful star and style icon, known for wearing chic yet comfortable clothes. She manages to rock oversized sweaters, t-shirts and simple dresses while still looking put together.
  • Who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian (October 21)? The leader of the Kardashian pack and one of fashion’s biggest trendsetters, Kim K is always dressed to kill. She’s known to be daring and edgy with metallic looks and perfect fitting pieces, but always classy.
  • Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler (September 30) has earned a spot in our hearts not just because of her amazing dance moves but for her effortless and casual looks. Whether she’s dressed in jeans and sneakers or romantic summer dresses, she manages to slay it each and every time.
  • TikTok star Addison Rae (October 6) has a distinct fashion sense - preferring to dress in jeans, sneakers or sweats. Her style is no doubt influenced by her dancing background, but despite dressing in athleisure most of the time, she always looks refined and never, ever sloppy!
  • Supermodel and new aunt Bella Hadid (October 9) is a muse to many designers, so she always gets first-dibs on the latest runway goods. She likes having one focal piece in her otherwise minimalist outfit, which is key in keeping the balance in the entire look.
  • 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson (October 4) can be summed up as effortlessly chic. She’s often spotted in timeless pieces such as tailored white button downs and jeans, LBDs, blazers with loafers, and striped sweaters! She keeps things fresh by wearing trendy sunglasses or accessories with her looks.

Shopping for Libras

Libras’ power colors are flirty pinks, pale blues, and demure ivories. They appreciate fine details such as eyelet fabric, small cutouts, and ruched details that elevate even the most classic of pieces. Here are our top picks for the Libra in your life.

1. Liv Set in Baby Blue Eyelet

A romantic pale blue ‘kini made from delicate eyelet fabric guaranteed to make any Libra swoon. The feminine details paired with the metallic accents make the Liv Set perfect for every Libra. Tastefully designed so they bring the right amount of attention without looking tacky - this should definitely be this star sign’s staple.

2. Mia Set in White Eyelet

Make sure your Libra has the classiest beach cover up to match. The Mia Set is adorned with the most feminine eyelet details, in a style that’s classy but still carefree.

3. Alice Top in White Silk

Made from buttery soft silk, the Alice Top looks as good as it feels. Minimalist yet classy, it’s finished with sweet lace details for just the right amount of flair.

4. Paige Set in Candy Pink

For a more playful yet still tasteful look, the Paige Set in Candy Pink is just the thing! The Paige Set comes in the perfect shade of pastel pink, with ruched details all over and for a pretty look. But what makes this a perfect style for Libras? Its keyhole cut out and double waistband straps that elevate the entire look!

5. Tanya Set in Blush Ribbed

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy pale pink suit, then the Tanya Set in Blush Ribbed is the way to go! Perfectly balancing dainty and daring, it comes in a toned down shade in the color we all love, but in the classy ribbed fabric texture.

Did you find the perfect piece? Don’t wait for them to send over a hint of what they like, it’s time to get them their next style staple! And if you’re a Libra - hope we made the birthday shopping easier for you!

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