The Safe-At-Home Scoop

     Hey guys, we at Blackbough Swim just wanted to check in with you and at the same time give some updates on the initiatives we’ve been working on for our Blackbough community, our local groups in need and of course our internal working team!

1. Free face masks for all orders

We figured this is the least we can do for all you babes! Our manufacturer has been asking us for a while now about what we can do to repurpose our excess fabric. We then realized that what would have been waste could be turned into face masks to help out in keeping everyone safe. While these face masks aren’t medical grade (they’re made of the same soft and comfortable fabrics the suits are made of, too!) we hope these can still help nonetheless (do note that with the shortage of surgical / N95 masks, those kinds should ideally be with the medical and essential frontliners fighting to keep the virus at bay).

We do however believe that extra protection in any way is welcome, so we’re hoping these help out in keeping you guys safe! Of course, wearing one doesn’t make you immune to the virus, so still practice social distancing, stay at home as much as you can and keep yourself healthy! And like we’ve previously said, make sure to check in on your mental health always - send that friend a message to check on them as well!

2. Face masks for our local community

A Blackbough babe of ours Tona (the namesake of everyone’s favorite Tona Top) brought to our attention that one of our local communities here in the Philippines is living in small dense quarters with quite a number of people staying close to each other. Since their conditions are far from ideal, she then asked us if we could donate some face masks for them too so they could have some sort of extra protection. Of course we were all ears and thrilled that our excess could spell helping people stay safe. We’re currently working on producing those for them as we speak and getting it to them as soon as possible!

3. Blackbough HQ Update

The safety of our staff is definitely our priority so we’re still working from home to ensure safety, while the Order Fulfillment team stays in the warehouse and continues to observe the following:

Our fulfillment team is working full time to get your suits to ASAP, so you should still get your parcels in 2-5 business days from the time we ship it out with our shipping partner DHL express. Please do allow us 2-3 more days to send over your packages as we’ve adjusted to a skeletal crew and government mandated reduced work hours! Sit tight, you’ll get your new favorite ‘fits soon!

The rest of our team continues to catch up on work and check in on each other via Zoom, Google Hangouts and Telegram! It’s been a while since we saw one another in our office but this will have to do for now. We’ll continue to be online so you can touch base with us via or slide into our DMs if you have any concerns!

Let’s all continue to stay in and slay in - warmer, brighter days are coming for us real soon! ☀️ ’til then, let’s all distance each other physically but keep our relationships tighter than ever!

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