Trend Spotlight: Groovy Retro

Everything from the past just keeps coming back as the hottest trends this year, and we’re totally living for it. All things are just reminiscent of those childhood summer camps of weeks with no parents, fun activities and ‘fits we thought were super cute. Now, we’re totally thrilled to see those colorful, beaded necklaces and bracelets popping up all over our feeds that brings us right back to our glory days. 

The whole summer camp retro chic energy is everywhere on TikTok and Instagram that even Vogue can’t not notice. In the unlikely event that you haven’t seen it, here’s where it’s been getting spotted:

Retro Luxury: 

What used to be a lowbrow accessory is now spotted with the most luxurious of fashion houses. No kidding! Gone are the days when summer camp was reserved for…. well, camp. Now, we’re seeing these fun, colorful, and kitschy baubles all over the runways and high-end fashion magazines. You decide if they’re worth it when their aesthetic is totally DIY, but we know trends like these are totally irresistible, so no shame here. 

Keeping it Casual:

Funky accessories were part of our good old days because they were easy and super fun to make. While it’s amazing that this trend is so strong that even luxury brands want a piece of the pie, our fave day-to-day brands are killing the game with their wide variety of today's groovy takes. For any artsy babes, can you recall a time Etsy didn’t have your back? This time, it’s not just the coolest kids from Y2K who get to rock the best accessories - it’s your chance to beat their style game with those stacked resin rings and necklaces that you already know how to style. 

As seen on:

Our own babes are definitely on top of the hottest trends. From phone slings to stacked necklaces and bubble rings, our girl Sofia Conte’s got it all sorted out with her Solstice printed bikini top. Both Lucy Page and Olivia Ponton also got their strong accessory game on with shell chokers, smiley rings, and nail art that we’re totally about to get obsessed with. 

While these Summer Camp styles look super casual, they’re perfectly cute to wear dressed up too, just like Olivia O’Brien. You can even shop @hey_itshope's exact same necklace here! With the creatively excessive trend that looks like it’s about to stay for longer, there are absolutely no rules on how many you can wear - the limit does not exist. So stack away - the trick is not to think if they go well together, that’s exactly the beauty of it. 

Get that Trend

Now that you know which accessories to go for and how to rock them, it’s not a ‘fit until you’ve got your bikinis down. Fun, playful statement pieces deserve equally vibrant prints to go with them! You’re in for a treat because Summer 2021 is the year of funky, bold prints, and that’s exactly what our new Summer Drop 02 is all about. 


An ode to our fave summer drink. The Mojito is a fresh, green-on-green, trippy floral print that makes us want to grab a drink, work on our tan, and blast Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR all day.

Groovy Garden

A nod to the flower power era, the Groovy Garden is a print that practically screams 70s. With swirly, wavy prints and bright colors popping out, we came up with a design that rings true to its name. 

Summer Splash

Vogue has named psychedelic prints as one of the prints of the summer. Most prints involve in-your-face colors but the Summer Splash offers a more subtle take with its neutral base, while keeping it fresh with a multicolored, wavy design. Pro-trip: match your accessories with its colors!

Indie Kid

For those who want to hop on the patchwork trend, Indie Kid is the print for you. This cheeky and funky floral is reminiscent of the crochet pieces that took over spring and those sweaters your grandma made you, but this time, you don’t have to worry about keeping it dry. It’s the perfect match for those daisies that are about to be all over your necklaces and rings. 

Everything retro is coming back with a bang, so whether you’re choosing vintage 70s, cool 90s or hip 00s, it’s sure to be on trend longer than we expect! 

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