Trend Spotlight: Sweats

     Dressing for comfort has been key to surviving 2020. With most of our social interactions limited to virtual ones, and time spent alone now at an all time high, we’re dressing for ourselves more than ever. It comes as no surprise that our fashion choices have made a huge shift this year from edgy to comfy. Roomy hoodies, loose sweatpants, and even sweatshorts have ranked high up on our priority lists this year and we’re all for it! And we’re not the only ones - reports have shown that worldwide sales of sweats have already overtaken jeans AND leggings, so looks like we’re not the only ones who swapped out our tight jeans with loose sweats. While wearing sweats may seem like we’re taking comfort over style, we say, “why not both?”!

But Make It Fashion

Joggers and sweatshirts aren’t reserved for post-gym sessions and grocery runs anymore! Many of today’s leading fashion houses including Chloe, Gucci and Off-White feature an upscale version of these cozy pieces. Tom Ford’s take on orange tie-dye sweats is so extra, it’s got us obsessed! We’re also raving over the baggy sweatpants from Yeezy that look totally comfortable but still make a statement.

Celebs in Sweats

Many A-listers opt to dress in lounge pants and joggers for their off-duty days. Here are the celebs spotted in sweats and are totally killing it!

  • Who else to dress it up better than supermodel mom-to-be Elsa Hosk who manages to dress for the kill in pink sweats?
  • Another baby momma Emily Rajatowski has been rocking sweats the best way we know how - with a doggo! Sofia Richie totally slays the classic pap shot with a loose crop top, sporty sweatpants and her phone in one ear.
  • While Hailey admits to be be obsessed with being cozy all the time, it was no surprise that the other half of Bieber was just spotted to be in classic sweatpants perfectly paired with a pair of Jordans.
  • Billie Eilish still looks like a total bomb even when she’s dressing it down, from her ‘fit to her nails.
  • If you’re thinking shorts might not be for you, Bella Hadid’s totally rocking it and you can too!

Our Take on Sweats:

We love dressing for comfort just as much as we love getting glammed up, so designing a line of sweats will always have both comfort and style in mind! From zip-ups to shorts, sweatshirts to sweatpants, we definitely have something to make you look super cute while staying super comfy all day long.

Our first set was far from your ordinary pair of sweats. The Deni Set stands out thanks to its psychedelic tie-dye print that’s reminiscent of sweet Marshmallows’ mellow colors. Now if you wanna dress up like a sweet popsicle print - get the Creamsicle! These orange-swirled sweats will make you look like a sweet treat while you make a statement in this tie-dye print. Now we all have a thing for anything nostalgic, and that’s exactly what inspired the Butterfly Breeze print! The Piper Set's immaculate white base makes the perfect canvas for the prettiest and dreamiest butterflies to scatter around. Your friends will probably ask where you got it, but it’s up to you if you’ll keep this daintiest statement a secret!

Say hello to the cutest co-ords! The Britt Set is perfect for those transitional days when it’s just cool enough for a hoodie while the warm sun is still up! Coming in the cutest Candy Pink and Baby Blue colors, besties are totally obsessed with the oversized cropped hoodie matched with the comfiest sweatshorts!

Where To Wear

Sweats are no longer reserved for lounging at home! With our cute prints and colors, you’ll surely want to be seen out and about in ‘fits just like these!

Out on Errands

The Deni Zip Up is perfect for when you’ve got a million things to do and no time to think about your outfit. From going to the bank, shopping for groceries, picking up supplies from the pharmacy and buying those dried flowers you saw on instagram, these babies are so light you don’t have to think about breaking a sweat while you dash between stores. And did we mention you’ll look like a total paddle pop?

On a Hike

The Chase Set is our go-to for any outdoor activity. The sweatpants’ cuffed hems make sure they stay in place to keep those ankles protected from insects and itchy leaves, making it perfect as you walk in the wild! And when you start to break a sweat, you can just easily unzip your jacket. Now if you’re looking for something that’s more airy, the Brit Set would be perfect for a casual stroll out - crop top and comfy shorts makes the perfect petite set!

Netflix Marathon

Planning a day of bingeing Netflix shows with your friends? Slip into the Deni Sweeatpants, snuggle up with your dog, grab some popcorn, and flip through the shows! The lightest one of the bunch, it’s absolutely perfect to slip on whether it’s a hotter day or a cooler one.

Chilling Out

We know fresh air is pretty hard to come by these days, but chilling in the patio might just do the trick! The Dylan Sweatshorts make the perfect house clothes! These are just so incredibly soft you’ll be counting the days it comes back from the wash.

Online Classes

Look extra cute (while staying extra comfy) in the Piper Set in Butterfly Breeze! Not only are they super soft to the touch, this nostalgic print will get all your girl classmates sending you messages while your professor’s speaking. It’s not your fault your sweats are so perfect that everyone’s getting distracted!

Now, who else is trading their jeans for sweats?

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