Ways to Wear: The Martini

     Don’t we all just love versatility? We’re thinking of the different ways you can use our tops so you can rock them in a ton of styles without having to get different types of bikini tops. We’re here to help you get more bang for your buck with our value for money bikinis. So we’re introducing the newest super versatile, adjustable triangle bikini top - the Martini! Best part - with the number of ways you can wear this top, nobody would ever suspect you’re wearing the same piece, just in a different way.

The Versatile Details


We’re totally loving halterneck bikinis not only because of the unique look it gives, but also the comfort of wearing it (as the halter bikinis don’t dig in the shoulders). Halterneck bikini styles that give a longer neck and broader shoulders give us those looks we could only wish we were born with.

Long and Thin Straps

The Martini has super long and skinny straps, making it easy to wrap around your body in multiple ways. This is the design element that really gives it all its versatility - and we’ll show you all the ways we know to rock those overextended straps that seem even longer than those work zoom calls.

Adjustable Triangle Cups

As a triangle top with adjustable cups, the Martini Top makes sure they fit the girls just right. Stretch out the coverage for a more conservative and supportive look, or scrunch it up for a more daring and flattering look. Fun fact: triangles can also be worn as inverted triangles - and we’re going to show you how!

Ways to Wear

When we said the Martini was a versatile triangle bikini top, we meant it. Here are 6 ways you can tie your Martini Top, giving you a new look each time you head out!


Okay this one is kind of a given. The halter is the classic and most basic way to wear your Martini as a classic triangle bikini top. Here’s your baseline look that makes it a no fuss and no fail bikini top - while still totally hot of course! Like they say, classics never go out of style.

Halter Cross Neck

If you’re looking to make the scoop neck look even spicier, we’ve got just the thing. You can do the same as the previous look, but make a crossing of the straps that go all the way to the nape of the neck and tie it behind. Not only is this more flattering and supportive, but it also gives that edgy look. We promise, this one’s going to be a showstopper!


Take the tie back straps and untie the ends. Then, keep sliding the string along until the end pieces are now in between the cups. Once you’ve set it up this way, just wrap the strap around your chest until the triangle cups cover you up perfectly, then tie a nice and secure bow in front! Now you’ve got the same classic triangle style, but with a tie detail upfront. Plus - now it’s easier to adjust how tight or loose you want your top to be!

Scoop Neck

Here’s when the serious experimenting comes in! The scoop neck is a very flattering way to wear the Martini Top. To do this look, you’ll need to actually wear your bikini top upside down just like Kourtney Kardashian’s post that broke the internet! Wrap the tie-back straps around your neck to turn it into the halter part of your bikini, then wrap what is supposed to be the shoulder straps around your back. Flatten the cups upwards and shape them until they form that scoop-y look. This one’s a tad bit more daring than the previous classic looks with slightly less coverage, but confidence is key and the double taps are worth it.

Front-Tie Scoop Neck

This one may seem like a simple thing to do but trust us when we say it makes such a huge difference! Start with the scoop neck look with the straps tied snuggly in place both behind your neck and around your back. Then, move the knot from behind your neck until it reaches the middle of your chest. Tada! You just got yourself a new stylish bikini.


Here’s a personal favorite of our founder and designer herself, Jem! As she says, it’s sweet and edgy at the same time, that’s why it’s her go-to look when she’s wearing the Martini Top. It’s a similar take on the first halter triangle look - but instead of a simple tie at the back, the straps are crossed at the midsection and tied to the side. It makes the cutest detail and looks like she’s not the only one obsessed with it!

Since the Martini Top has lots going on already, we suggest you pair it with something simple that slays. The Martini Bottoms is super high rise - it can even go up higher than your waist for the longest legs.

We could go on and on with ways you can tie the Martini Top and you might even have your own ideas yourself! Show us how you tie yours by tagging us on Instagram. We’d love to see the new Martini bikini style in all its ways to wear!

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