How to Take Care of Your Swimsuits

    We’re right in the peak of summer and we’re living for the days spent by the pool or on the beach sporting the cutest suits. Planning what you’ll wear when you go out with your friends is almost an everyday task this season, and isn’t it just the most annoying thing ever when you rummage through your entire closet to find that favorite bikini you’ve been excited to wear—only to find out it’s been ruined from the wash? Swimsuits need some TLC to make them last longer - but the good news is that they’re super easy to follow! Here are our tips:

1. Make sure you wash your swimsuit after every use.

That’s even if you don’t go in the water! Sunscreens, tanning lotions, and even our natural body oils have certain chemicals in them that can be damaging to the fabric and can cause the material to break down quicker. Apart from this, certain sunscreens can cause more damage than others, such as mineral-based lotions and oil formulations. These can cause yellowing or even staining over time.

Chlorine and salt water can also dull your swimsuit’s color rather quickly. So to keep it looking its best, just remember: RINSE. RINSE. RINSE.

2. Wash with care

It’s not just about washing them - it’s about how you wash them, too! To keep your swimsuit’s shape, we recommend washing it by hand and using a mild detergent (such as ones made for delicates). Low on cleaning supplies? Clean, fresh water will do. This protects the fabric’s colors while gently washing away oils and chemicals. Machine-washing your swimsuits is definitely a no-no, don’t forget!

To wash your swimsuits, fill your sink or bathtub with cold water (never ever wash it in hot water as this can damage the spandex fibers!) and add your mild detergent. Let the swimsuit soak for up to 30 minutes before rinsing it with cold water. Make sure you don’t wring it out! Wringing out water from your swimsuit damages the fibers and can ruin its shape. Instead, just pat it dry with a towel.

Don’t hang it on a rod—the weight of the water plus gravity will pull your swimsuit down and changing its shape. Be careful not to leave it to dry under the sun as this can change your suit’s color, causing it to fade much quicker. Instead, just lay it flat on a towel to dry.

3. Store it well

Once fully dry, store your suits laying flat - don’t hang your suits as it will stretch the fibers. Make sure they’re completely dry as any moisture can increase the risk of mildew buildup. When storing them in between seasons, use a fabric garment bag as plastic garment bags encourage mildew and bacterial growth.

4. Use a towel

Before sitting down, whether on a lounge chair, bench or even on the ground, we recommend laying down a towel to sit on beforehand. The rough surface can cause your suit’s material to snag and even fray. If bringing along a towel is too much of a hassle for you, don a stylish sarong around your waist for effortless style points while saving your swimsuit!

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