Trend Spotlight: Green

     Like most fashion trends, most color fads end with every season. However, it looks like the greens are staying for longer than we thought! From casual outfits to runway gowns, we can’t help but feel green with envy after seeing this color all over instagram for quite some time now. We’re claiming it - this color is here to stay! And looks like these fresh greens are in for the long haul, as we continue to see more and more of it everywhere with no signs of slowing down. Here are some of the green hues that everyone can’t seem to get enough of, including our takes on them.

Pretty Pastel

Refresh your wardrobe with this fresh green color! It’s a great way to ease into the green trend without feeling overdone with its muted shade. This Seafoam color is the newest in our collection making the perfect pairing of a subtle pastel color and the most luxurious fabric, because luxury’s never loud as they always say! And yes, it’s totally trending - Max Mara just had it on their SS ‘20 show and we’re totally obsessed with how it all trickles down to everything we’ve been seeing. We’re already imagining our looks with our Seafoam swim top, sweatpants, sneakers and a matching puffy bag on our shoulder!

Full on Floral

If you’re looking to get on two trends at once, this is your best bet! Look for 70s florals set in green bases and you’ll be sure to slay that look. We’ve given florals a ‘70s spin with our Buttercup Baby Collection, a bold floral print against a muted green background. We’re also seeing green floral dresses with a flowy silhouette, tops with the side tie trend, and even on our accessories and trinkets!

Deep Set Emerald

This strong, deep shade of green can help you make a bold fashion statement while still looking classy as ever. You’re a gem, darling - so dress like one and shine through! We’re currently lusting over those cute shorts with a statement, those puff sleeved dresses with the Bridgerton vibes, and that dark green eyeliner that’s super distinct. And of course, a plain deep green nail polish packs a boss lady vibe nobody should mess with!

Matcha Lookin’ At?

The most reserved of all, matcha is a deep and earthy shade that brings us back to nature. Just like the drink it’s named after, matcha reminds us of earthy tones, fresh trees, and the light breeze outdoors. We’re totally taking inspiration from Bella Hadid’s ‘fit for a light and breezy day out soaking up on some Vitamin D! Our soft and muted take on matcha is reserved for our linen collection, to keep things airy and cool. Wear yours with white or cream to look like a 10.

Bold and Bright

Not for the faint of heart, bright greens are reserved for the times you want to stand out. This bright and playful shade of green is best for time you want to make an impression! We’re seeing this bright hue on runways worn by fashion queen Naomi Campbell , but also on Blake Lively during her film’s red carpet premier. Our take on this would be our Baby Green Collection that’s sure to get those stares - in a good way.

Now it’s time to pacify that envy with a new green swimsuit!

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