2020 Back to School Tips

     For many students, September marks the start of another school year. But, like so many other things going on this year, going back to school may look different for most! Some might be getting ready to start fresh in familiar classrooms and hallways, while some have started to adapt to online classes in response to COVID-19. Let’s be real, even under normal circumstances, staying 100% motivated to do your schoolwork can be tough, but it’s even tougher when you’re cooped up indoors and all you’ve got to talk to is a screen. While it’s definitely going to be difficult especially at the start, we’re in this together and we’re cheering you on - so here are some tips to stay motivated!

1. Set Goals

Start the school year by figuring out the goals you want to accomplish for yourself. Set smart, attainable, and measurable goals for each class to avoid getting overwhelmed and discouraged. Dreaming of being in the honor roll? Write it down somewhere so you know it’s real! We’re #manifesting. Make them a constant reminder that you can easily see in your workspace - scribble them on your planner or stick them to a wall so you don’t forget and lose focus!

2. Create Your “Area”

Find a spot in your house or room you can dedicate to online learning - that isn’t your bed! It should be free from distractions, and preferably near a power outlet so keeping your device charged won’t be a problem. Make this spot your own and fill it with things that inspire you, like photos of your friends and family, your dream destination, or a place you’d love to go to! Keep notebooks, pens, and sticky notes nearby as well so you don’t need to get up in case you need them when you need to jot something quickly. Make sure you’ve got good wifi reception in the area, with nice lighting for those classes that need the camera on!

3. Keep a Schedule

It’s easy to fall into the trap of staying in bed all day but try to avoid this as much as possible. Not only does this affect your energy and focus, this can also lead to serious back and neck strain! Think of online learning like you would a normal day in class. Set your alarm like you normally would, get up and take a shower, and get changed for the day.

4. Stay Healthy

Staying fit and watching after your health is more important than ever! Staying at home makes it easy to munch on unhealthy snacks all day. Staying home keeps you from walking as compared to being outside, so stay active by working out at least three times a week! There are many great YouTube videos and apps you can follow to get your heart rate up, no matter your fitness level. And don’t forget to take good care of your mental health as well! Despite everything, start and end your day with a mindset of gratitude, and try writing down one thing that you’re grateful for each day.

5. Take Breaks

Don’t forget to schedule breaks for yourself as well! Now more than ever, your mind needs time to relax. Give yourself the time to clear your head, step away from your device for 5 minutes, grab a quick snack or just take a minute of silence. Trust us, your future self will thank you for it!

6. Be Social

With online classes, you’ll have little to no face-to-face interactions with your teachers and classmates, so it’s important to try and stay as social as possible so you avoid feeling isolated. Schedule a Zoom game night or Netflix viewing party with your friends, or just regularly hit them up on your favorite messaging app!

7. Stay Comfortable

It’s hard to stay focused if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing! While you are at home, it’s not an excuse to wear your sloppy house clothes. Look presentable to your professors and classmates, so skip the tattered clothes from 10 years ago when the webcam’s on! We recommend the cutest sweats to make focused look cute! You can also check out our all new linens dropping super soon for a flowy and carefree vibe.

8. Reward Yourself

You’ve put in so much work, don’t forget to reward yourself! Add that bikini you’ve been eyeing for months into your cart. Treat yourself to some takeout. Prepare a relaxing bubble bath and drop in your favorite bath bomb. You’ve earned it!

How are you preparing for the upcoming school year? 

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