2021 New Year's Resolutions

     We’re willing to bet that nearly half of your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions didn’t go as planned. If there’s anything good about the past year, it’s that the past 12 months have given us a new perspective on everything - from our relationships, to our work, and even our day to day lives! 2020 made us realize that we’ve been taking so many things for granted and we should be more appreciative of what we’ve got, seeing what was completely normal before isn’t normal anymore. For our New Year’s Resolutions, we’re taking all these new lessons with us, and we hope you pick up a thing or two!

1. Bigger Hugs

Social distancing is no fun and we totally miss seeing people IRL. Connections just aren’t the same without being able to give our loved ones the affection they deserve, and we didn’t realize how much we’d miss hugging since this 2020! We’ll surely be spreading the love more once this all blows over.

2. No More Flaking

Despite having Zoom and Google Meet to host our regular hangouts, nothing beats face-to-face interactions. It makes us regret all the times we ditched our friends or canceled on them last minute. This 2021, we promise to make plans and stick to them!

3. Heading Outdoors

Staying cooped up indoors has kept us safe, but all the restrictions have made us appreciate the beauty of nature so much more. We’re taking every opportunity we can to soak up the sun and fresh air, with or without a pandemic from now on. Whether that’s on the beach, by the lake, or on a mountain - as long as it’s outdoors, we’re there!

4. More Open to New Possibilities

Opportunities and new experiences were pretty much limited this year, but we’re taking next year head on! It’s time to step out of our comfort zones - whether it’s taking up a new sport, meeting new people, or learning another language, it’s all about fresh experiences this coming year.

5. Family is Everything

Being separated from the ones we love has been hard. 2020 has helped us realize how important it is to spend time with them because we never really know what tomorrow has in store for us (one day we were in the office and the next day we were locked down for months)! Next year, we’re making it a point to see our family members more and plan activities for everyone!

6. Try New Restaurants

The restaurant industry was one of the heaviest hit this year so in 2021, we’re giving them a helping hand while having a good time doing so! Once it’s safer to go out, we’re trying out the smaller, hole-in-the-wall restos. This way, we get to eat better while supporting local business owners in our area!

7. Be Grateful For the Little Things

Although so many bad things have happened, we were lucky to have survived it all with our friends and family. This helped us appreciate what we had and to count our blessings regularly. We’re adding thankful jars on our desks and writing down one thing we’re thankful for everyday! It’s really all about perspective.

8. Travel, Travel, Travel

Living in quarantine has made our wanderlust stronger than ever! Once the travel bans are lifted and it’s considered safe for everyone to travel again, you can bet we’ll be packing our bags with our favorite Blackbough ‘kinis and cover-ups and heading for the most beautiful tropical destinations.

2021 is a fresh start for everyone and we’re determined to make it a much better year than the past one! Who’s with us?

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