2021 Style Guide Based on Your Zodiac

     Last year was a whirlwind and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who are glad that year is done and over with. We’re thankful 2021 is a fresh start and we’re looking forward to all the new beginnings the new year has in store for us. The good news is, the stars and planets are in good alignment and it looks like we’re in for a luckier year ahead!

2020 ended with Jupiter and Saturn coming together (you may remember that epic Bethlehem star late in December) in the constellation Aquarius. The last time this happened was in the early 1400s and signaled the birth of the Renaissance, when art, philosophy, and literature flourished. We don’t know about you but this looks like a great sign from the heavens that new opportunities are coming in this year!

2021 is predicted to bring positive vibes for all the Zodiac signs and general happiness for all. The year has just started which makes it the perfect time to define our goals, so better start manifesting them right now! While this year will be overall a lucky year, some will be more #blessed than others - we’re looking at you, Aries, Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn babes!

Major Astrological Moments

There are several major events this 2021 that will affect our luck and everything that happens around us. Make sure you watch out for these dates and schedule your appointments well around them!

  • The first instance of Mercury Retrograde will occur early in the year from January 30 to February 21, where basically all forms of communication will be disrupted due to the planet Mercury going into apparent retrograde motion (hence the name). Get ready for misunderstandings, miscommunications and mistakes (not to mention loss of connectivity) during this time period! If you need the full guide on what to expect during Mercury Retrograde, you can read up here. There will be another one happening from May 29 to June 22, and again from September 27 to October 23, so adjust your life accordingly!
  • A Venus Star Point - when Venus and the Sun will be aligned exactly with each other, happening this March 26. Exciting times ahead, as this is the time you can expect your passions and desires to come to light!
  • The love planet Venus will align with the action planet Mars in Leo on July 13, making it the perfect time for us to go after what we truly love in life. Mark your calendars for that special day!
  • We’re ending 2021 with the same planet, Venus, in Retrograde motion from December 19 to January 29, 2022. During this time, we may find ourselves questioning our values, our love and the beauty we possess. Don’t worry! While it’s perfectly normal to not feel valued or just not at your best, we suggest you dress for yourself and go a little extra, not just during this time, but at all times! That way, you can totally feel good about yourself, without the need for anyone else’s validation.

Dressing for Your Sign

A new year totally calls for some brand new ‘fits, right? Even though we don’t normally need an excuse to go shopping, we think surviving 2020 is a good enough reason to add more things to the cart and give ourselves a treat. Trust us, after all that’s happened, you deserve that new ‘fit. We’re here to help you dress according to what the stars are saying so you don’t miss out on that good fortune this year!

Our Earth babies are known for being practical, grounded, and detail-oriented which often translates to their sense of style. They love to surround themselves with high-quality clothes, particularly in their down to earth color of choice: green. Rock this year in our Emerald collection and watch everyone turn green with envy as you slay your new staples.

We love our fiery gals for being passionate and competitive. Never one to shy away from new trends or daring looks, these spicy babes look H-O-T in vibrant shades of red. Catch the everyone’s attention with our Red and Hot Sauce Collections. We’re sure it’ll spice up your wardrobe and give you that kick you need to make 2021 a whole lot more exciting!

The most emotional and sentimental of the signs, Water sign babes love romantic styles and find it difficult to let go of their favorite pieces. Luckily for them, their signature color is the color of the year, yellow, so there’s no shortage of feminine and dreamy pieces in your favorite hue. Slip into a piece from the Popcorn Collection and fall head over heels with the buttery shade that you’ll never have to part with it.

Our Air sign babes always have their heads in the clouds. Intellectual and curious in nature, they love thinking of new ideas and are willing to be different, but not to stand out. Air signs have a high set of standards for others but most especially for themselves, which is why they take so much time making sure they always look put together. Air signs look stunning in their power color, light blue. Own this year by looking your best with ‘fits from the Baby Blue Eyelet Collection - and we highly recommend the Mia Set with delicate details for the perfect princess look.

2021 is a blank slate for everyone and is the fresh start we’ve all been waiting for. Time to manifest those goals and let the good vibes start pouring in!

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