All About Beachwear

        Living out of your sweats is so last year! And with beach season upon us, an all new season’s wardrobe is absolutely essential. Spring is here, and that means new spring bikinis and new spring beachwear! Whether you’re heading to a tropical paradise or just your nearby beach, we’ve got all the outfits you need to complete the full ‘fit and rack up those style points!

Cabana Mesh Set

The Cabana Mesh Set is the fashion forward beach piece you need! A mesh clothing set with a sleek fit, ruched details and long straps, it’s sure to be a head turner in the sun. This sheer top and skirt combo can be worn separately for a more casual look, or the whole set for a vibe that totally screams beach fashion killa.

Micah Terry Skirt

Take your sporty side to the beach and beyond with the Micah Terry Skirt! A mini flounce style that’s super comfy and airy, it’s the beach skirt that you can take to all those activities under the sun. Finish off the look with a headband for a girlier take, or top it off with a baseball cap for that full-on sporty vibe!

Skye Polo

In a rush to head to the beach? We’ve all been there! The Skye Polo instantly upgrades your beach outfit in less than 5 seconds. Wear it untied for a laidback look (and to flex that new and oh-so-cute ‘kini of yours), or tied at the center for that hip girl-next-door vibe.


Slinky Saroongs are here to answer your prayers! They’re absolutely perfect for those days you want to elevate your beach look but don’t wanna think about it too much. All you have to do is tie it around your waist and you’re good to go! Get both style points and a waist that’s to die for with the sarong - you’ll look like an instant 10!


The newest addition to our beachwear collection is already a babe fave! There’s just so many ways to wear the wrap Kimono, and we simply can’t get enough of it. Maximalism is here and our Kimonos’ prints are all about that. We suggest you pair it with a plain solid 'kini in the same or complementary color, or for the more adventurous gals, you can even layer your prints to let your style sing! Tied or untied, buttoned or unbuttoned, the possibilities are endless.

Start filling up your closet with these must-have beachwear items - your profile picture badly needs an update, and we suggest you replace it with you in these.

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