Blackbough x ISSA: Marble Melt

Watch out, babes, we’ve got a special piece that’s just for you. Meet Blackbough X ISSA’s striking new print, the Marble Melt. We worked with Gen Z multi-hyphenate Issa Pressman to bring this dreamy print to life.

Issa, as many of her friends and loyal followers know, is bursting to the seams with creativity. Whether it’s through her thought-provoking art pieces, edgy staples on I.S.S.A. artwears, or her carefully curated IG feed, this 24-year-old Filipina British never misses a chance to show off her unique, creative “eye.” This “eye” has led her to be one of the country’s most sought out content curators -- working with global brands like Gucci, Pandora, Adidas, Dior, and many more.

This boss babe proves she can do it all, as Issa works her magic both in front and behind the camera. She also works as a creative director for Wavee and her new pet brand, Presidential Paws. If you’ve followed her career over the years, you would know that she enjoys experimenting with different hairstyles, so it is quite fitting that she is co-owner of one of Manila’s top hair salons, Koop Studio (BGC).

“A day of creativity for me has to start with an early morning wake-up call so I can get some sun outside. Then, I spend a couple of quiet moments just to release any load to allow more space for creativity to enter.” Well, it seems like Issa’s winning formula for a creative day does the trick as she’s successfully carved a name for herself as singer-song writer-dancer-creative director-entrepreneur to watch out for!

The Marble Melt

The Marble Melt is a whimsical piece and only the second brown-toned suit we’ve ever released. Designed after a luxurious piece of marble, it has brown and blue hues that melt into each other.

You can get the Marble Melt in two of our signature Blackbough styles but if you need help choosing which style to choose, take Issa’s advice!

“The Billie Top is my favorite! It’s the most versatile little one. It goes from being a triangular bikini top to being a tube top then even more different looks when you play around with its strings. Gets me playful!”

The Marble Melt is a limited collection so once it’s gone, there’ll be no restocks. Don’t wait to find out how long this collection will last. Grab ‘em all while you still can!


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