Design Diaries: The Dixie Top

This isn’t just one of our newest swimsuits, but the Dixie Top is also one of our trending styles that are flying off the shelves. See all about the details below and find out if maybe you’d want to go for it! This style had sweet babes in mind that are looking for a bikini to flatter their chests, give a longer silhouette and offer adjustable features in a bikini - so if you’re of those girls, then read on!

Dixie Top Details

This top is sure to get you up to speed with the latest swim trends that’s getting everyone obsessed! Here are all its details that are for sure going to bring in those double taps:

Halter Strap

You know we’re currently all about the halter bikinis over here at Blackbough (peep the Billie and Martini if you’re in the mood for more hot halter swimsuits) because of the unique look it gives. Halterneck styles are universally flattering that offer the appearance of a longer neck and wider shoulders, giving you that lean and sexy silhouette.

Sweetheart Neckline

A Pinterest-worthy swimsuit, the Dixie Top is the sweetest of all our ‘kinis with its gathered center detail to form a dainty sweetheart neckline. The ruched trend has totally come over us as well, so we included this detailing in front for the most flattering chest any top style could give!


We know how hard it is to find a bikini that has just the right band size to fit your body. Sometimes the cup size is perfect but the band is too loose. Other times, the band is just right but the cups don’t work with you. We’re thanking our lucky stars for these tie-back style bikinis! This allows you to adjust how snug or loose you want your band to be. Now you can have the perfect ‘kini that’s literally fit just right for your body - giving you both options of a comfortable bikini with a relaxed fit, or a more tight and secure fit as you please.

Dixie Bottom Details

A trendy bikini top deserves an equally trendy matching set of bikini bottoms, and we’re all here for more details! And if the top comes with a custom fit, then we say the matching bottoms should, too!


The Dixie Bottoms come with dangling tie sides on either side to give you a snug fit that hugs your curves just right. These adjustable bikini bottoms let you tie them how you want them - as tight or loose as you’d like, all while leaving you looking as sweet as can be! Not only that, those incredibly lengthy side ties don’t just give the daintiest vibe - they’re also a skinny style that gives you those swoon-worthy tan lines.

Modest Coverage

The sweetness of this style isn’t just limited to its details, but also with its coverage! These covered bottoms make the perfect dainty vibe that’s mom-approved, with just a hint of cheek for a youthful look.

High-Leg Cut

Now just because it’s covered, doesn’t mean it can’t be a sexy bikini! Thanks to its minimal side tie straps, these bikini bottoms give those long legs we’re all gunning for in our shots. When you’ve got a custom tie strap, it’s not just about how tight or loose you want it - you can also make it to be a high leg bikini bottom. Instagram pro-tip: for a longer silhouette, tiptoe and extend your toes, then frame your face to the center of the shot. Cameras nowadays are mostly wide angles, so the outer parts of the frame where your legs are will be elongated! Keep that in mind the next time you slay away.

Textured Fabric

You know we just love our details! To make the Dixie Set even sweeter and more unique, it’s made with smocked fabric that not only looks super special but feels just like a dream. This buttery soft swimsuit fabric is perfect for any color and print you choose to get your swimsuit in - whether that’s in pastel florals, pale sage green, butterfly print or different shades of blue!

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