Design Diaries: the Lucy Top

     Calling babes who aren’t as blessed on the bust - we’ve got the perfect, new top for you! When we designed the Lucy Top, we had you babes in mind - smaller busted ladies who want to look cute and classy. We heard you alright - you need something that maximizes what you’ve got! So we thought, what bikini top could we design that would give the push you want, have minimal coverage, but still make you look super cute? Here’s what we came up with:

Original Lucy Top Sketch from 2019

1. Thick shoulder straps

Who says only big chested girls feel straps that dig in? Comfort is key with any bikini, so we gave this look a thick strap that doesn’t just feel soft on the shoulders, but also looks cute and flattering as a panel detail too! Speaking of the panel, that brings us to the next highlight -

2. Paneled overlapping details

@Vanessa.anna rocking the Lucy Top in Spring Fling

It’s all in the details - and these unique panels are what the Lucy Top is all about! Anything overlapping and layered just looks so classy, don’t you think? The straps on these go all the way to the cup, giving it a unique and elegant look. It’ll make everyone look twice!

3. Underwire

Most of us know that underwires are there to support larger chests, but we decided to use the same idea to give your girls a push for a flattering look! It’s not always about what you have, but what you do with them - so we’re pushing them up with an underwire, combined with a low cut and thick straps, you’ll get that flattering look you want!

4. Zigzag stitching for a close fit

Isn’t it just annoying when your bikini’s tops are loose on the cups? We’ve got you covered, literally! The zigzag stitching on these Lucy Tops give the perfect snug and secure fit. It makes sure you’re safe and comfortable, so you can stay cute and play all day!

With 7 gorgeous prints and latest colors to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect Lucy Top for you!

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