Nail Trend Report

     Having your nails done or even doing it yourself is one of our favorite ways to relax and unwind. Some like to binge watch and bake, but for us it’s nails! It’s our go-to form of self-care during alone time and girl time because we all have to take care of our mental health! Looks like it’s not just us though - these celebs are all about nail art too and we’re obsessed!

On Celebs

These stars are putting in as much thought and effort into their nails as they are their outfits! Each year, nail art has gotten more and more creative, with intricate designs, patterns, and even crazy lengths! Whether it’s for the red carpet or for a trip to the grocery, these A-list celebs can’t help but show off their nail game:

  • Kylie Jenner is probably the reigning nail art queen, uploading a new snap of her insane nail looks every week. From neon talons to pictures of Stormi, is there a design she hasn’t done?
  • Bad guy artist Billie Eilish revealed some killer nails at the 2020 Academy Awards, opting for extremely long coffin nails painted an inky black and decorated with crystals.
  • Singer and designer Rihanna stepped out in New York to celebrate the launch of her new Fenty pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman with nude nails with, you guessed it, FENTY painted across it in gold letters. How pretty would this be with your own name on it?
  • Who needs rings when you’ve got jewel-encrusted nails? Lizzo stepped out on the Grammy red carpet with white stiletto nails that were literally dripping with crystals to match her gorgeous gown!

Not only is it fun and relaxing, but it’s also a form of self-expression and creativity - and did we mention it’s an amazing way to top off an outfit? Whether we’re looking for something that’s just cute and plain, to designs that look like full-on artworks with extra embellishments, there’s really no limit to what you do with your nails! Just like fashion, there are so many nail trends that have been taking over our social media feeds this year - from the sweet and girly ones to bold and bright. We, the Blackbough team, aren’t just obsessed with bikinis - we’re totally all over nails too! So we had this crazy idea of hopping on the nail trends and matching them with our swimsuits too!

On the Team

1. Tie-Dye

The ’90s are back in full force and it shows! Tie-dye is literally everywhere these days - from bucket hats to pullovers and yes, even nails! You’ll see pinks, blues, greens, and yellow tie-dyes everywhere you look. Our social media manager B has absolutely taken on the tie-dye trend head-on - matching her nails with her bikinis in the Pink Lemonade print!

2. Light Green

This mani will turn people green with envy! Once reserved for spring, light green polish has been popping up on everyone’s feeds lately this fall. Have fun with the bright shade of green with cool patterns and designs - like this playful flame nail art on Baby Green that our PR girl Cheska decided to go with after having the most difficult time to choose!

3. Pastel Pink

If there’s one nail trend that will never go out of style, it’s pastel. And if there’s a color we could never really get enough of - that’s pink! Pastel Pink is music to our ears, so it’s no surprise our Community Manager Micah went with a brand staple color Candy Pink. Universally flattering, pastel colors, especially pink, go with almost any outfit.

4. Bright Blue

As 2020’s color of the year, it’s no surprise that blue is one of the most popular nail polish colors right now. Personally, we’re loving this aqua hue the most and looks like it’s coming back for the seasons to come! Blue is the hottest color of the flame, and it follows with the Blue nails and Aqua swimsuits our Graphic Designer Martina went with for an edgy blue look.

5. Florals

Floral nail art has been blossoming and we’re here for it! While a staple for spring, we’re seeing more and more of these sweet and delicate prints well into the autumn months. From daisies to sunflowers, roses to poppies, there are just so many different flowers you can paint on! Our Operations babe Maya went with our staple floral print in Spring Fling - and she’s not the only one obsessed with this look!

6. Vintage

Who isn’t all over retro prints? We know we’re head over heels in love with them! Our Graphic Designer Alana easily took the graphic vintage route on her nails to match her retro printed Candy Rocks swimsuits. This one’s definitely a vibe!

7. Accent Nail

Many people have added “plant mom” to their bio during the lockdown, and if you can’t take care of one, why don’t you just put it on your nails? Now not all your nails have to be uniform - you can do whatever you want and mix those solids and prints when the Scorpio in you can’t decide. To accomplish this look, pick a solid base (you can choose as many shades of the same color as you like). Then for your accent nail, paint on a pretty plant or flower design like our founder Jemina did to match with this unreleased print that’s coming soon!

Make that urgent call to your nail art designer and get ready to sit back and relax with your newest nails - and maybe a new bikini to match! We all have to do our part to take care of our mental health, so make sure to find your own outlet!

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