Prints for Every Earth Sign

     It’s Taurus season! Their birthdays are the first of all the earth signs, so we thought it would be the perfect time to let you grounded (pun intended) and loyal Earth sign babies know which suits would be perfect for you and your other Earth besties. You guys are known to be practical and you love things that will definitely last (the same goes for your relationships!), so here are the suits that we think would be perfect for your signs!


It’s your month right now! Taurus babes are feisty, just like their celestial spirit animal - the bull. Apart from being super headstrong, they also know how to appreciate the finer things in life. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus gals love slaying by the pool or on the beach with amazing beats playing!

These boss babes would look best in our new Burnt Honey suits. Strong amber tones with splashes of earthy brown colors make this print eye catching and chic - perfect for the lounge life! This look will definitely turn heads and have besties asking, “where’d you get your ‘kini?”

Get your Burnt Honey suits here!


Kind, gentle, and demure Virgos babes are perfectionists at heart. More toned down than their sister earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, they love things with a touch of sophistication. While they may seem shy at first, they quickly open up to those they trust, and are known to be the passionate and dependable friends you can count on for life!

A true lover of beauty, Virgos will definitely love our Emerald suits. Simple and with the right amount of flair and sophistication, it’s the perfect shade of green to make any perfectionist Virgo obsessed with it!

Get your chic and classy Emerald suits here!


As the last sign of the year, Capricorn girls are the babies of the bunch. They’re youthful, optimistic, playful - you can count on them to bring life to any party! It’s all about fun for them so don’t smother them with feelings! A bit cheeky, these gals tend to have a mischievous side to them - which is why there’s never a dull moment when you’re around your fave Capricorn babe!

Our playful cheetah print, Sand Flint, is perfect for Capricons who love to show off their wild side in a cute and feisty way. If you’re looking for a print that matches your outgoing, bold, and playful personality, this is definitely the one for you! Just a warning: you’re bound to get a lot of double-takes in this hot print!

Shop Sand Flint here!

Send this to your Earth sign besties to show them which suits would be perfect for them! Or, if you’re an Earth baby yourself, send this to someone as a hint for what you want for your birthday!

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