V-Day Me Day

     Valentine’s Day is one of those days - you either hate it or you love it. But lucky for you, we’re here to make you love it as much as we do with less than two weeks away! We’re still making it extra special and we’re listing down our top of mind things to do. Plus, you can enjoy all of these in the comforts of your own home. Whether you have a significant other or not, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s yourself, too!

The Snaccs

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is binging on your favorite candy or chocolate but in heart form. For some reason, it just tastes so much better that way! Oh, and PSA: calories don’t count on Valentine’s so you can snack away to your heart’s content - no judging here.

The Activities

Binge Romcoms on Netflix

Is there a better way to spend Valentine’s than watching sappy chick flicks and rom-coms? We’re eyeing a couple of releases including the final installment of the To All The Boys series: Always and Forever, Lara Jean. Other movies on our watch list include The Notebook (duh), Set It Up, Never Been Kissed, The Princess Diaries, and The Kissing Booth. And of course, a modern day classic - Valentine’s Day!

Bubble Bath

Choose your favorite bath bomb, light some candles (some tips later), and munch on your favorite indulgent treat. Maybe play some music or read a book - we promise you’re in for a soothing night!

Try a DIY-facial

The beauty world has been a-buzz with face rolling all of 2020 so it’s about time you tried it, too. Use the face roller to massage in your serums and oils by gently gliding it over your face. Face rollers promote circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage, and help reduce puffiness. The rose quartz encourages self-love, inner healing, and peaceful energy - and who doesn’t love that? For an even better feeling, try keeping the face rolling in the fridge before using it for a cooling sensation.

The Vibes

Light Sweet-smelling Candles

Set the mood by lighting your favorite candle that fills up the entire room! And as per the crazy candle ladies on our team, they do prefer vegan blends like coconut-soy (best avoid ones with paraffin as they leave smoke residue). Because hey, if you aren’t receiving roses, lighting a rose scented candle is pretty much the same thing. We’re also into other florals like jasmine, ylang ylang mixed with relaxing lavenders and vanillas. You can even make candles yourself! All you need are wax, wicks, a kitchen thermometer and your favorite fragrance - youtube is your friend when you make your own!

The ‘fits

New Blackbough ‘kini

We don’t know about you but nothing makes us feel more confident than strutting around and slaying at home in a new outfit! We’re eyeing a couple of new ‘kinis from the new Spring collection that just dropped that will surely make happy hearts day amazing. Don’t forget to take those mirror selfies and be totally all over yourself.

If you’re feeling a bit sweet and flirty, our newest color Fairy Flos is just the thing to help you look like the 10 you are!

For the hopeless romantics, Pink Romance will surely win your heart and make you feel like you’re living in a modern day fairytale. Who needs a knight in shining armor when you’ve got the most amazing suit?

Looking to bring the heat on this Valentine’s Day? Slip into the Billie Set in Red and slay the day.

Our Hot Pink ‘kinis help you stand out in the best way possible. Turn heads wherever you are and grab everyone’s attention. You’ll surely be irresistible.

Treat yourself to a relaxing self-care day cause girl, you deserve every bit of love you give everyone else! So before you pamper those around you, make sure you pamper yourself well too!

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