Virtual Halloween Party Guide

          With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to kick those Zoom calls up a notch! Sure, you could put on some whiskers and call it a day but where’s the fun in that? Here’s how to host a virtual Halloween party that you and your friends will be talking about for years!

Send Legit Invites

Pick a date and time that works for everyone on your group chat. Once you’ve settled that, make sure you send out an invite so everyone remembers it. Sure, you can just remind everyone through your chat but that’s the typical route - make it memorable and extra by sending out formal graphically designed e-invites! Because when was the last time you got a formal invite to a party, right? We’re willing to bet that your friends haven’t received one in ages either! It’s sure to get everyone excited because it’s a sign that it’s not a typical online hangout that you guys are used to.

Costume Contest

What would Halloween be like without the costumes? Tell all your friends to be in their best ‘fits and reward them for their efforts. Announce what awards you’ll be giving out in advance so they can prepare. Good ideas would be Best Couples Costume, Scariest Costume, Wittiest Costume, you get the idea!

On the night of the party, make each guest show off their outfit and have the rest of the party rate the outfits on your chat (just take note and have excel on the handy to get your averages. Warning - this can get competitive so make sure you’re transparent with the results)! You can then opt to mail the prizes to the winners or send them digitally via e-gift cards.

Now this is totally our favorite part, and if you’re having trouble thinking of what to go as, we Blackbough babes have got some recommendations for ya’ll!

For the purrfect leopard costume, just slip into your Kenzie Top + Billie Bottoms in Snow Leopard. Grab this chance to slay and call dibs to be the sexy leopard of the party!

Feeling cozy more your priority? Turn your Candy Pink Britt Sweats into a sweet strawberry milkshake ‘fit or wear some cute bunny ears to complete the look.

Look like a divine treat and dress like an angel for your Halloween bash. Just raid your closet for all things white like this Liv Set in White Eyelet paired with the Kiki Set in White! Throw them on with some angel wings and you’re good to go!

For a look that’ll totally blindside everyone, why not go as an alien? Order a martian headband off of Amazon and wear it with your Paige Set in Baby Green. Done!

Score extra style points this Halloween as a sleek and stylish black cat. All you’ll need is the Tate Set in NY Noir for this edgy but still comfortable look!

If you’re like us and you’ve still got Blackpink’s Ice Cream stuck in your head, why not go as a cute popsicle for Halloween? Chill like a villain all night in the Willow Top + Juliet Bottoms in Creamsicle. Get a fun popsicle box and turn it into a headpiece with our limited edition packaging - free when you get any Creamsicle swim set! And don’t be afraid to put on some make up! It’s the time to put on as much as you can and do whatever you want without anyone judging you for it. Here’s Lauren putting on some cute candy specks paired with her Creamsicle swim - and instantly she’s that Candy Corn you love from your childhood!

Use a Halloween Zoom Background

When celebrating a fun holiday like Halloween, having a themed background is practically a requirement! Tell everyone to make sure they’re on the latest version of Zoom and switch up their backgrounds! Here are some backgrounds and also how to switch out your backdrop during your call! These are sure to put everyone in the spooky mood.

Spooky Movie Watch Party

Make it a scare-fest and watch some classic Halloween movies at the same time. You can do something light like “Beetlejuice” or “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” or go total horror with movies like “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Exorcist.” The Haunting of Bly Manor is totally trending on Netflix right now too, so if you guys haven’t watched it yet, have everyone save it for your party so that everyone’s spooked out at the same time! You can use Teleparty so you all can watch at the same time, chat, freak out together or call out that friend who’s totally petrified already!

Murders, Mysteries and Fortune Telling

If online games are more up your alley, you’re in luck 'cause there are a ton of options online to help you plan it! Why not have a super cool murder mystery party for you and your friends? Murdermystery Co hosts Halloween-themed Zoom Murder Mysteries, or you can look for others online. It’ll be super fun to spend the night figuring out whodunit! You can also get someone to read tarots for something new and spooky at the same time. It’s just so much fun learning all about your futures (and your pasts!).

Haunted House Tours

We may not be able to travel or go out much in person, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay stuck at home! There are tons of virtual tours out there that can give you access to some of the scariest and most haunted places on earth. We recommend checking out the Sedlec Ossuary, the Winchester Mystery House, or the Paris Catacombs!

The real treat here is still getting to bond with your friends, so make sure to be as extra as you can be for the most amazing memz when you scare and be scared!

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