As Blackbough continues to grow, it’s important that we make sure our actions represent our values. We believe that Blackbough’s opportunity for impact is two-fold: sustainability and advocacy. 

We are commited to


Our business practices revolve around creating a better environment—from using recycled fabrics for our swim, ensuring great working conditions for our team, investing in factories that abide by ethical labor practices, and picking the greener option each chance we get.


The Blackbough Team is full of passionate individuals who champion different causes. We want to contribute wherever we can—whether it’s donating to initiatives or amplifying voices through our platform.  


Every bikini goes through a lengthy, meticulous journey.

Designed to Last

Our customers are the heart of our brand. We take the time to listen to what they want through the reviews and comments we receive. From there, we begin designing and creating prototypes. We go through multiple tests and revisions so the pieces we make look good, fit different body types, and last as long as possible. With the level of quality we ensure, our suits are made to be reworn time and time again instead of one-time use. 

Not only do we make it a point to produce only the quantities that we need, roughly 80% of all our swimwear is made using recycled fabrics.

Direct to Fabric Printing

Our custom designs printed directly onto the fabric instead of using dyes. This means there is a lot less water used and wasted in the process. We also control the amount of fabric produced because we only print what is needed, and never in excess.

Calculated Quantities

Re-orders are only done once a style or print has completely sold out to minimize the risk of over-supplying stock. We work closely with several long-term manufacturing partners to ensure our swimsuits are produced in conditions that adhere to our standards. 

Recycling & Upcycling

In the event we do have extra fabric, we breathe new life into them. During production, scrap fabrics are used in our sampling process for new designs instead of wasting new bolts of fabric. Off-cuts are turned into cute pieces such as scrunchies and headbands, further reducing our fabric waste.

Planet Friendly Packaging

Since 2019, we’ve opted for 100% biodegradable and reusable packaging. We also offer our customers the option to use even less packaging with their orders. Aside from this, we are also offsetting carbon emissions in shipping by purchasing carbon credits. We are aiming to be a carbon-neutral company by 2022.

At Blackbough, our decisions are guided by our desire to provide our customers with high-quality pieces sustainably and ethically.


Here are some initiatives driven by our passionate team.
We look forward to doing more:


Dedicated to housing and caring for over 600 street girls in the national capital of the Philippines, Tahanan Sta. Luisa is Blackbough Swim’s official beneficiary for 2022. We donated a dollar for every piece purchased from our Good Stuff collection last March 1 - 8, 2022 to the crisis intervention center for Women’s Month. We are also continuously sending them bi-monthly care packages to assist with their daily operations and needs.

Read more about Tahanan Sta. Luisa here.


Our handwoven beachwear is specially created by Abel Iloco, a local weaving group from Ilocos Sur, a northern province in the Philippines. The community specializes in handweaving Filipino traditional textiles called inabel, which have been used in our Good Stuff and Summer Romance collections.

Read the full story on Abel Iloco here.


In celebration of Earth Day 2022, we pledged $5 for every swimsuit sold from our Zooted collection (from April 12 to 22) to support the reforestation efforts of The Canopy Project. We raised enough to plant 4,720 trees around the globe!

Learn more about The Canopy Project by EARTHDAY.ORG here.


Coop's Advice is a foundation created to bring awareness to the stigma around mental illnesses and addiction. In support of their cause and together with Emma, 5% of the sales from our Emma Brooks collab collection during the first month will be donated to their organization.

Learn more about Coop’s Advice here.